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Above ground pools can range from simple splashing pools about two feet deep to fully equipped pools with filtration equipment and decking. The most efficient shape for above ground pools is a circle. This enables the forces to be evenly distributed around the perimeter, and does not require any bracing. Rectangular above ground pools require substantial bracing along their long sides, to prevent the sides from being pressed outward by the weight of water. Some designs of above ground pool may be buried in ground if that is preferred. 

Pools usually have rigid wall panels, up to 52" high, made from aluminium, steel, or fibreglass. The water is contained within a vinyl liner. They are popular in areas subject to very cold winter temperatures; heavy frost can damage conventional below-ground pools.




The four key considerations are: Size, Shape, Structure, and Liner.




The typical size range supplied by a leading manufacturer such as Splash Superpools is from 9ft x 17ft up to 21ft by 41ft. We would generally recommend a mid-size, such as 13ft x 17ft or 13ft x 25ft. These are big enough to provide enjoyable swimming for adults and children, without being so big as to take up a lot of yard space. Bigger pools also have the disadvantage that they require more water, and are more expensive to filter, heat and treat with chemicals. The usual water height for pools in this size range is 4ft. This is sufficient depth for comfortable swimming but not for diving. Some suppliers offer pools with a 5ft water depth. Smaller pools, suitable for young children, are available. An example would be a circular pool, with 8ft diameter and 2ft water depth. These are in the nature of paddling pools, and are suitable for small children to splash around in, rather than allowing proper swimming.




The two main options in terms of shape are rectangular or circular. Circular pools are typically available in diameters of 12ft, 16ft, 20ft, and 24ft. The disadvantage of a circular pool compared to a rectangular pool is that it provides less scope for conventional swimming. However a circular pool does have a practical advantage: the structure is less elaborate, because the circular form provides a very efficient and natural structure for retaining the water. The outward force of the water is retained by the circular rim, requiring a simpler and lighter vertical structure compared to a rectangular pool. Also a circular pool has a less intrusive impact on the yard compared to a rectangular pool.


Structures and liners


The structure is usually made of zinc-coated and varnished steel. All metal parts that come into contact with water should be made from stainless steel.


Vinyl pool liners are normally supplied in 20 gauge thickness, and in plain blue colour. For greater durability 25 gauge thickness liners are available, normally at about a 20% cost increase. Alternative colours and patterns can also be supplied for replacement liners.


Before assembling a pool it is important to make sure the area is smooth and level, and is four feet larger than the pool. All sticks, rocks and sharp objects should be removed; voids and depressions should be filled with sand and compacted. When installing above ground pools on dirt, sand, or grass, it is advisable to place a foam pad or plastic sheet between the pool and the ground.




The following leading above ground pool manufacturers, selected by Abacus Construction Index, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colors and materials, and care and maintenance.


Arthur's Pools. Arthur's Pools, based in Central California, has been retailing pools for more than 60 years. Since 1998 it has been retailing above ground pools through the internet, and has sold thousands of such pools worldwide. Arthur's Pools has warehouses in Fresno, California, and Ontario, Canada. It also ships direct from New York, Seoul Korea, and St.Catherine's Canada. Manufacturers whose pools are distributed by Arthur's Pools include: Super Splash, Doughboy, PPI, Intex, Garden Leisure, Quick, and Cornelius. Arthur's Pools also supplies a range of specialty pools, and specialty add-on equipment. Their product range includes: Never Ending Pools, Express Lane Systems (which turn any pool into an endless pool), Movie & TV Production Pools, Therapy Pools, Doggie Play Pools, and Sea Life Habitat Pools.


Doughboy. Doughboy, based in Arkansas, introduced the first portable, storable, above ground swimming pool in 1945. It now has a 660,000 square foot manufacturing facility dedicated to above ground pools. Doughboy supplies ten ranges of pool manufactured from resin or steel. Most have rigid side panels and are circular or oval in design. A typical height is 52", although Doughboy pools can be supplied a deep swimming area which is as much as seven feet deep. All models can be installed above ground; some may be buried in ground if preferred. The Oasis model is a soft-sided pool with a snap-locked galvanized steel frame. It can be assembled in half a day. In 1947 Doughboy Industries switched over from wartime production of sealed rations to produce inflatable splasher pools, inflatable toys and beach balls.


Splash Superpools. Splash Superpools, of North Little Rock, Arkansas, is a leading manufacturer of Above Ground Pools. The company started in the 1970s, when Palmiro Spedini invented and patented a round swimming pool with an inflated collar. He marketed his pool under the Laghetto brand name. Europeans were able to set up their pool during the warmer months of the year and store it during the colder winter months. Laghetto pools were introduced into the USA in 1986, under an exclusive marketing and distribution arrangement between with Splash Superools. Splash Superpools, manufacturing in Italy and the USA, is now the world's largest supplier of structurally supported soft-wall above ground pools. Splash Superpools supplies five ranges of pool: SuperPool, Omega, AlphaPool, TadPool, and LegendPool. There is also a SuperStream pool providing a 4mph current for swimming against. 


Swimtown Pools. Michigan-based Swimtown Pools has been supplying swimming pools and spas online since 2008. Its parent company, Blue Water Spas & Pools, was founded in 1997 by Josh Steinman and his wife Kari. The Swimtown Pools website is organised into the following main sections: Swimming Pools, Spas, Chemicals, Pumps Filters & Heaters, Liners, Swimming Pool Covers, Accessories, Pool Cleaners, and Commercial.


The pools are available in both circular and oval shapes. They are offered in Good, Better, and Best qualities. The Best 54 inch above ground pool has a 40 year limited warranty, 8 inch resin top rails and 6.5 inch verticals. There is a blue premium virgin vinyl rugged overlap liner and an extra wide high flow skimmer with strainer basket.




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