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Aluminum siding became popular after the Second World War. Reduction in military production had left excess manufacturing capacity in aluminum in the USA and Canada, and aluminum siding was developed as a diversification product. In recent years vinyl siding has tended to predominate over aluminum, due to its lower cost and greater resistance to denting. Aluminum siding continues to be used, particularly in Canada. It is available in a range of profiles designed to simulate various types of wooden siding. These profiles include: Vertical V, Vertical Board & Batten, Clapboard, and Cove. A range of powder-coated colors is available, normally white, gray and sand or clay colors.


Aluminum that has begun to 'chalk' or deteriorate on the surface may be painted. For this, the siding needs to be cleaned thoroughly. When the siding is completely dry a primer paint designed for aluminum should be applied. After fine sanding, a top coat can be applied. This is normally of flat or semi-gloss acrylic paint.



Mastic Home Exteriors. Mastic Home Exteriors, part of the Alcoa group, offers Alcoa siding which is sold as the Performance Metals product range. Alcoa siding is rated to withstand winds of up to 165mph. It has a high performance locking system, and is available in thicknesses of .019 and .024. The siding has a strong nail hem, and meets or exceeds Q801 standards. It has 1/2 inch panel projection. Mastic Home Exteriors also offers a range of Monticello Aluminum Columns. These are available in square or rounded fluted designs in white, clay and almond colors. 


Corrugated Metals. Corrugated Metals Inc, based in Belvidere, Illinois, is a manufacture of corrugated metal cladding including siding made from aluminum. Applications for its siding include: rail car roofing, disaster relief facilities, construction roofing and wall panels, livestock trailer walls, and mill buildings. Panels may be made up to 63 inches wide, out of the lightest to heaviest gauge aluminum. In addition to manufacturing high quality corrugated siding, Corrugated Metals Inc manufactures corrugated metal decking and custom roll form shapes. 


Gentek. Gentek is based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. It is a leading manufacturer of exterior building products, including a wide range of siding in aluminum and vinyl. Its siding is available in smooth and woodgrain finishes, in thicknesses of 0.40 inches to 0.53 inches. It has a 40 year limited warranty. Gentek siding is available in the following profiles: Cove, Clapboard, Vertical Board & Batten, and Vertical V. The following colors are available: Almond, Canyon Clay,Dover Gray, Sandalwood, and Bright White.



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