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A balustrade is made up of a series of upright posts, or balusters, standing on a unifying rail, and topped by a coping. The balusters may be square or circular in section, and may have decorative profiles.


Balustrades are usually installed outdoors, as railings to a terrace or balcony; they may also be installed indoors. They are available in a range of durable materials, including: stainless steel, synthetic stone, cast stone, resin marble composite, polyurethane, fiberglass, and vinyl.  




The following leading manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colours and materials, and care and maintenance.


Balustrade Systems. This supplier, part of Arch Net Building Systems, is based in Lincoln, Nebraska. It manufacturers from fiberglass, polymer, and faux stone, producing balusters which are lightweight, durable, and resistant to weather and insects. Its website is organized into the following product sections: Systems, Balusters, Newel Posts, Newel Caps, Railings, Load Bearing Columns, Column Covers, Column Capitals, Mouldings, Flexible Mouldings, Ceiling Domes, Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Domes, Niches, Medallions, and Corbels.


Melton Classics. Melton Classics, based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, is a leading baluster manufacturer. Its range is organized into the following types: Synthetic Stone, Cast Stone, Vinyl, Poly/Marble Composite, Polyurethane, and Vinyl Railing Systems. Synthetic Stone and Cast Stone require no painting; very low moisture absorption eliminates spalling caused by severe winters and reduces mildew growth. The Marble/Resin Composite and Polyurethane balusters have a paint finish.


Pacific Columns. Pacific Columns, based in Brea, California, is a leading supplier of interior and exterior architectural columns and balusters. It supplies two types: Combined Polymer & Marble, and High Density Polyurethane. Balusters are available in residential 36 inch and commercial 42 inch code heights. Two shorter heights, of 24 inch and 28 inch, are available for rooftop applications. Baluster configuration complies with the 4 Inch Ball Space Safety Rule, whereby a 4 inch ball is unable to pass through between the balusters at any point.


Royal Corinthian. Royal Corinthian, based in West Chicago, Illinois, is a specialist manufacturer of architectural columns and balustrades. Royal Corinthian balustrades, which are intended mainly for exterior use, are made from a mixture of marble dust and polymer resin, using a centrifugal casting system. The products are extremely durable, and are water and impact resistant. Architectural posts strengthen the balustrade system; they may be crowned with a variety of decorative caps.



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