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Traditional bamboo flooring consists of narrow bamboo stems laid beside each other and nailed down onto wooden or bamboo beams. This type of bamboo flooring is widely used on stilted houses in south east Asia; it facilitates cooling air circulation during hot summer periods.


The bamboo flooring used in western countries including the USA is altogether different. The bamboo stems are split and flattened. They are dried, and are then pressure laminated. Bamboo floors are durable, and resist moisture and insects. It is a highly renewable material, growing much more quickly than trees.


The leading bamboo floor manufacturers listed below the panel of sponsored links have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of bamboo flooring, including online catalogs of bamboo flooring, colours and finishes for bamboo flooring, and installation, care and maintenance of bamboo flooring.



Teragren. Teragren is a leading manufacturer of bamboo flooring and bamboo panels. The Teragren website contains sections on company ethics, flooring and stair parts, bamboo panels and bamboo veneer, and a portfolio of projects. There is also a dealer locator. Teregren has a strong commitment to sustainability, and is a member of the US Green Building Council. 



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