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There are two fundamentally different types of Bath Mat: Bath Mats for use within the bath, and Bath Mats for use outside it. The latter are sometimes known as Bath Rugs. Bath Mats used within the bath are a safety device, to avoid slipping, and to make it easier for the elderly or disabled to enter or leave the bath. Bath Mats are typically made of vinyl, and may be white, clear, or colored. Bath Rugs provide a comfortable surface within the bathroom, and absorb water. Bath rugs are available in Cotton, Polyacrylic, or Microfiber, in numerous colors, and in a wide range of patterns and textures.




The following leading bath mat manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colours and materials, and care and maintenance.


Rawganique. Rawganique supplies a range of Organic Hemp Bath Mats. These are available in twelve colors, including: Black, Evening Haze, Burgundy, Oregon Grape, Blue, Sage, and Earth Brown. They are made from certified European Hemp, and are sweatshop-free. Matching toilet lid covers are available. The Rawganique website is produced completely off the grid, being powered by solar panels and a wind generator. It is based on an idyllic island in the Strait of Georgia. The Strait of Georgia is in Canada, running between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland. Other bathroom products supplied by Rawganique include: organic hemp towels, organic Irish linen towels, organic hemp & linen knit towels, organic cotton honeycomb towels, and organic hemp & linen wash cloths, back scrubs, and scrub cloths. Rawganique also supplied certified organic soapnuts.


SlipX Solutions. SlipX Solutions supplies a range of bath and shower safety mats. SlipX is part of Venturi. Established over 40 years ago, Venturi supplies a range of safety and household products. In addition to bath and shower safety mats, these include high filtration cigarette filters and disposable toothbrushes. The SlipX range of bath and shower mats includes the Essential Mat, which is made of allergen-free vinyl, and is available white or clear. Mats are available with colored images of either bamboo or pebbles. The Soft Touch Mat is a padded mat for additional comfort. The Bubble Mat has slightly raised bubbles which cushion the feet. The Grassy Mat has a soft, grassy feel, designed to comfort tired feet. Other bathroom products in the SlipX range include the Round Mat, Fish Mat, Massage Mat, Extra Long Deluxe Mat, and Soft Touch Mat.


Vita Futura. Vita Futura is an online retailer of bathroom accessories, including bath mats, shower curtains, and bath rugs. The Vita Futura website is organized into the following main sections: Shower Curtains, Bathroom Rugs, Bath Safety Mats, Rods Rails & Rings, Laundry Baskets, Toilet Paper Holders, and Other Bathroom Accessories. The Vita Future range of bath mats comprises more than thirty contemporary, geometric, and highly colorful designs. Most are rectangular; others are circular or rectangular with round ends. Vita Future offers a PVC Free rubber safety mat with suction cups; this is available in white, beige or dark blue. Matching bath head rests and safety shower stall mats are available. The Lorena mat is PVC Free, with raised safety ridges. It is available in orange, grey, blue, and light beige. Vita Future also supplies mini mats for children in animal shapes.




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