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There are two types of bathroom scales: mechanical and digital. Mechanical scales can in turn be of two types: lever and spring. Lever scales are the most accurate, and are sometimes used in surgeries and hospitals. They achieve their accuracy by adjusting weights on a lever arm. There is no spring to become fatigued or wear out. The more typical type of mechanical bathroom scales has a spring, with a rack and pinion arrangement to turn the dial. Due to a lever mechanism, the spring only has to support a weight of about twenty pounds.  


Electronic scales use a strain gauge. A transducer beam bends in proportion to the load placed on it; this changes its electronic resistance. The analogue changes in electronic resistance are converted into digital data, and are displayed to show weight, typically on a liquid crystal display.




The following leading manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colours and materials, and care and maintenance.


Scales Galore is an online retailer of scales of all types, including scales for bathrooms. Its range includes four solar powered digital scales. The Siltec Large Platform Glass Scale has brushed metal housing, with a large glass platform design. There are four individual load sensors, one at each corner of the platform. This provides increased accuracy compared to scales with a single sensor. Other scales in the range include the HealthOMeter Large Dial Bathroom Scale. This has a large platform, and an eight inch raised dial, providing a larger foot placement area.


Precision Weighing Balances supplies a wide variety of scientific and medical balances, including scales for bathrooms. There is a range of more than twenty scales, with capacity up to 450 pounds, and 0.1 pound readability. Manufacturer brands include: Siltec, SECA, HealthOMeter, AND, and Tanita. The range includes a small scale specially designed for use by women and children. Some Precision Weighing Balances scales include a feature which calculates Body Mass Index.


My Weigh is a leading US manufacturer of innovative digital weighing scales, including scales for bathrooms. The My Weigh range includes: Pocket & Mini Scales, Medium Scales, and Large Scales. My Weigh specialises in the use of 'earth friendly' plastics for its scales. These plastics bio-degrade after several months in a landfill site. My Weigh also uses a new form of plastic made with a blend of industrial hemp. This type of plastic, which is made in Germany, is difficult to work with but has the advantage of being extremely environmentally friendly.


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