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Bollards are upright posts mounted in or alongside roads to prevent the passage of vehicles. They are normally used for traffic management, and to prevent vehicles from blocking sidewalks. However they may also be used as a serious protection against vehicles attacking buildings. The most common type of bollard is a fixed painted steel post, about 30" high, concreted into the ground. Other types include removable, and hinged. Hinged bollards are normally locked into the upright position with a padlock, but can be lowered as required. Automatic electric designs are also available. These, sometimes known as Rising Bollards, can be lowered remotely by designated vehicles which carry an electronic transmitter.





The following leading bollard manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colors and materials, and care and maintenance.


Cal Pipe Manufacturing. Cal Pipe, based in Downey, California, supplies metallic and non-metallic electrical conduit, and custom bent pipes and tubes. Its bollard product range includes: Fixed & Base Plate Security; Internal & Padlocking Removable Security, Manually Operated & Auto Pneumatic Retractable Security, Lighted Security, and Custom Designed Security. Custom Designs include a security camera capable of sending still photos and full video.


Premier Powder Coating & Custom Fabrication. Premier Powder Coating & Custom Fabrication, based in Rexburg, Idaho, manufactures a wide range of street furniture. This includes: Park Benches, Trash Bins & Planters, Bear-Resistant Containers, Tables, Counters, Signage, and Architectural Metalwork. Its services include laser cutting of carbon steel up to 3/8 thickness, Press Brake Bending, Welding, Sheering, Punching, and Powder Coating.


Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd. Reliance Foundry is based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. It has been manufacturing cast iron bollards since the 1920s. Its product range now includes landscaping and architectural designs in a wide range of styles, functions, materials and colors. Simple steel pipe security designs can be enhanced with decorative metal post covers or plastic post sleeves. Retractable and removable designs are available, together with designs with arms which can be used as cycle parking stands. Five flexible designs are available; they are made of composite material in plain or decorative designs.


Secure USA. Secure USA, based in Cumming, Georgia, is a specialist in Perimeter Defense Solutions. Its product range includes: Fencing, Vehicle Barriers, Intrusion Detection, Street Furniture, and Security Controls. Its bollard product range includes: Fixed, Shallow Mount, Removable, Manual, Electric, and Bollard Sleeves. The Electric designs are raised and lowered by an electro-mechanical activator. They are typically installed at 48" spacing. They are available in 30" and 36" height, and in diameters of 6" and 8".


Traffic Guard. Traffic Guard, based in Geneva, Illinois, is a leading manufacturer of bollards. Its product range includes Collapsible, Removable, Telescopic, and Custom. Traffic Guard recommends that they be yellow in color, to maximise visibility; other custom colors are available on request. Posts are made from 3/8" steel tube. Hinge pins are stainless steel.


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