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Clay brick pavers are a specialist type of brick designed for use as a landscape surface. The pavers are fired to a high temperature, and are more stronger and more durable that facebricks. Clay brick pavers are available in a wide range of colors, including pink, red and brown. Some types of clay brick paving are designed to have an antique look. This is sometimes achieved by tumbling the brick after firing, to give it a distressed appearance. Reclaimed clay brick pavers are available, for those who want an authentic antique appearance. Some reclaimed brick pavers, such as the Purington Paver, have the manufacturer's name imprinted in raised letters on the surface.  




The following leading brick paving suppliers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of brick paving, including online catalogs, colors and materials for brick paving, and care and maintenance of brick paving.


PaverSearch: Brick Paving. PaverSearch, based in Carson City, Nevada, is a website providing a wide range of paving and landscaping information and advice. It has also assembled a nationwide network of pre-screened paver contractors, paver dealers, paving designers, and paving manufacturers. These can be searched by zip code. The website contains articles on: Benefits of Clay Brick Paving, Clay Brick Paving Gallery, Installation of Brick Paving, Colors for Clay Brick Paving, Pavement Patters for Brick Paving, Clay Brick Paver Shapes, and Clean & Seal Brick Paving.


Gavin Historical Bricks: Brick Paving. Gavin Historical Bricks, based in Iowa City, Iowa, is a family run business which has grown to be the largest supplier of reclaimed antique paving and building materials in the USA. It is run by John and Mike Gavin. The website is organized into the following main sections: Brick Street Pavers, Granite Cobblestones, Brick Common Pavers, Building Brick, Clinker Brick, Custom Blends, Flooring Brick, and Antique Fire Brick. The company offers a brick matching service, responding to mailed samples. If Gavin cannot match the brick, they will make it in original bee hive kilns.


Pine Hall Brick: Brick Paving. Pine Hall Brick based in Winston-Salem, North Caroline. It manufactures a range of bricks including Interlocking Clay Pavers, Facebricks, and Special Shape Bricks. It also supplies engraved bricks for gifts, awards, and memorials. Pine Hall Brick Pavers are available in traditional or beveled edges, and in the following colors: Pink, Red, Brown, and Burgundy. The standard size is 4" by 8" by 2 1/4". The Pine Hall Old Series of brick pavers is made to look antique, but has modern durability. The Rumbled Clay Paver is tumbled after firing to produce an 'old world' look.



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