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Brick siding systems give the appearance of a solid brick wall, but are actually a thin skin applied to a building which may be of timber, steel, or concrete construction. There are three main types of brick siding: flat tiles, interlocking tiles, and panels. Flat tiles are fixed to the wall with adhesive or mortar, with mortar then being applied to the joints as in a traditional brick wall. They give the appearance of actual brick in texture and in color, which may range from pale sand through to mid-red, dark red, and dark gray. Interlocking tiles are designed to hang on the wall, interlocking vertically and horizontally. They require less skill for fixing than flat tiles. Brick siding panels are typically made of synthetic material, covering several square feet at a time. They can easily be fixed to timber or steel studwork, and are suitable for replacing vinyl or aluminium house siding.



Genstone. Genstone Products, based in Littleton, Colorado, is a manufacturer of simulated masonry siding products, including simulated brick siding. It also supplies stone and rock siding. Genstone siding is supplied in panels which are 2 feet by 4 feet. The panels are approximately 1 inch thick, and the brick effect is created using closed-cell polyurethane. The panels are waterproof and suffer no UV degradation. They can be installed using simple hand tools, and weigh about 1 pound per square foot. In addition to siding, applications include retaining walls and mobile home skirting.


Novabrik. Founded in 1999, Novabrik is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It manufactures brick effect siding in the form of a self-ventilated masonry veneer. Novabrik is a patented mortarless system using high strength concrete bricks which overlap and interlock to create a strong, water resistant brick veneer. Novabrik siding can be fixed to wood studs, steel studs, or concrete surfaces. The bricks hang on the wall, so no brick ledge or steel support is required below the siding. It can be readily used to replace vinyl or aluminum siding.


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