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Carpet Tiles, also known as carpet squares, are accurately cut panels of carpet which are laid directly on the floor, butting up against each other. If carefully laid, they have the appearance of continuous carpet. They are usually made from nylon, but may also be made from hemp or wool. Carpet tiles have a non-adhesive stick backing, with low vertical and high lateral stickiness; this avoids lateral movement on the floor. Their advantages of are that they can be moved around to equalize wear, and they can be individually replaced if they are damaged. The leading manufacturers, listed below the panel of sponsored links, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colours and materials, and care and maintenance.




There are two main considerations: the practical and the aesthetic.


Practical aspects


On the practical front, you need to ask yourself how much wear the tiles will be getting. If they are in heavy traffic area, with a lot of dirt and wear and tear, you would be wise to opt for nylon tiles. In areas exposed to less wear and tear hemp or wool can be used. In both cases you may want to consider moving the tiles around from time to time to equalise wear. And bear in mind that a pattern, even if it is subtle, will be more practical than a plain color, because small marks can be disguised by the pattern. It is for this reason that carpets in hotels and airports will usually carry a fine stripe or pattern of some kind. Some tiles are treated with Scotchgard, giving good protection against stains and marks.


Aesthetic aspects


On the aesthetic front, tiles are available in a very wide variety of patterns and colors. You can also use a mixture of plain tiles of different colors to produce a geometric tiled effect. One of the suppliers listed below (Binvetec) supplies tiles with ingenious curvilinear patterns which produce flowing decorative forms across the carpeted area. The tiles can be rotated into different positions, but with the pattern always joining up in a seamless way; this enables you to design a wide variety of striking patterns.




Carpet squares are very much easier to install than conventional carpet. They are much easier to carry, and cutting is simpler because the tiles can be trimmed one at a time to go round corners and doorways. Most tiles are provided with a special non-adhesive sticky backing. This has weak vertical grip, to facilitate re-positioning of the tiles during laying and for any later re-arrangement designed to equalise wear. However the adhesive has strong lateral grip, to prevent the tiles shifting horizontally in use. 




Flor. Flor, which was founded in 2003 and is based in Elmhurst, Illinois, is a leading manufacturer of carpet squares. Produced in squares 19.7 inches on each side, Flor tiles are made of nylon, hemp, or wool. The backings are a composite, including re-cycled material. The Flor online catalog is organized into the following sections: Colors, Solids, Textures, Patterns, Outdoors, Martha Stewart Floor Designs, FLORkids, Area Rugs, and On Sale. Other sections of the website cover: Installation and Design Tools. The Design Tools include a floor area calculator, and a virtual floor designer.


Milliken. Milliken Floor Covering, of La Grange, Georgia, is a leading manufacturer of carpet squares under the Legato and Tesserae brand names. The Legato range of nylon tiles is supplied as 23 inch square panels. All Milliken tiles have TractionBack treatment on the underside. This is a releasable tacky backing, designed to have a low level of vertical stick and a high level of lateral grip to prevent lateral movement. Milliken tiles are Scotchgard treated. This acts as a first line of defence in protecting the fiber from penetrating soils and stains.



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