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Cedar siding is a popular wall finish for wood frame homes. Five main types are available: Bevel, Tongue & Groove, Lap, and Board & Batten. All are available in clear or knotty grades. They may be supplied as bare wood, or pre-stained or pre-painted in the factory. Bevel Cedar Siding is the most widely used type. It is made by a second sawing of timber at an angle, to produce one edge thicker than the other. It is is fixed horizontally, with boards overlapping, and gives a shadow line at the bottom of each board. Tongue & Groove Cedar Siding has one edge shaped as a tongue and the other as a groove, so that the boards can interlock. It can be installed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Lap Cedar Siding is shaped to allow boards to overlap neatly. A popular type is Channel Cedar Siding, in which a single board has a central groove giving the appearance of two boards. Board & Batten Cedar Siding is a vertical design which uses wide cedar siding boards, with narrower boards (known as battens) covering the joints.



Boston Cedar. Boston Cedar, based in Holbrook, Massachusetts, has been a distributor of cedar wood siding and other lumber products since 1985. Its Bevel in a Box siding product is engineered from clear vertical grain Western Red Cedar. It features precision fitted finger jointings, which are more weather resistant and stronger than the surrounding wood. The Boston Cedar  Bevel in a Box siding is factory primed on all six sides. Boston Cedar also supplies traditional clapboard cedar siding. Dimensions ar 1/2 inch by 6 inch, in 16 foot lengths.


Cedar Siding Inc. This company, based in Rochelle, Illinois, is a leading finisher and distributor of cedar wood siding. Using modern coating methods, and computer-controlled ovens to cure the finishes, it produces siding in a wide range of color finishes. 15 and 25 coating warranties are available. Brands carried include: SmartSide, WeatherBoards, Shakertown, Miratec, TufBoard, James Hardie Siding Products, Cabot, CedarSide, Cement Coat Plus, Cement Side, Maze Rails, Olympic, Prime Plus, and Quick Color.


Michigan PreStain. Michigan PreStain, based in Wyoming, Michigan, specialises in the supply of pre-stained siding, cedar shingles, log siding, fiber cement siding, and interior tongue & groove. Michigan PreStain claims that factory staining costs about half the amount of field staining, and has several advantages. The risk of shrink lines, lap marks, streaking, and overspray are eliminated. Coating adhesion is better than can be achieved when coating wood that has been allowed to weather. Siding products include: Red Cedar Wood Siding, White Cedar Wood Siding, and Shingle Panels.


Town & Country Cedar Products. Town & Country Products, based in Boyne Falls, Michigan, is a supplier of Northern White Cedar half-log siding. The company manages tree harvestation, and kiln dries and mills its cedar siding. All the sapwood is removed during milling, leaving only the durable heartwood, which is capable of lasting for generations. Northern White Cedar has a closed cell structure, resembling cork. It is this structure, combined with the wood's natural oils, that provide protection against internal mold and mildew. Customer tours of the mill and production buildings are available. 


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