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Ceiling Panels may be directly attached to the underside of a ceiling, to provide a decorative finish, and to provide sound and heat insulation. They may also be mounted in a metal framework as suspended ceilings. Ceiling Panels may be made from open-cell melamine based foam, from formed thermoplastic, or from wood laminate or mineral fiber. A wide range of raised patterns and colors is available. These include a variety of textures and finishes and, for example, decorative and themed sporting patterns for ceiling panels in recreation rooms.  




The leading ceiling tile manufacturers, described below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colours and materials, and care and maintenance.


Acoustical Solutions. Acoustical Solutions Inc., based in Richmond, Virginia, is a makes and distributes soundproofing products including acoustic panels for ceilings. Its product range of acoustic panels comprises: Sonex Contour Panels, Sonex Hamoni Panels, Signature Panels, Signature Noise Barrier Panels, AlphaSorb Panels, AduioSeal Panels, AlphaMidnight Tiles, AlphaEnviro Panels, Woodtrends Acoustical Panels, Sonex Whiteline Panels, and Sonex Squareline Tiles. Each is available in various colors. Other products offered by Acoustical Solutions include: Vinyl Sound Barriers, Sound Damping, Isolation Products, Floor Underlayments, Drum Shields, Diffusers & Bass Traps, Recording Booths, Baffles & Banners, Acoustical Wall Panels, Acoustical Foam, and Acoustical Blankets. 


Armstrong. Armstrong is a leading manufacturer of ceilings, flooring, and cabinets. It manufactures three types of ceiling: Tiles, Planks, and Panels. The CeilingTiles are 12 inch square mineral fiber, and are applied directly to the ceiling. Ceiling Planks are made from wood laminate or mineral fiber. Panels are 2ft by 2ft or 2ft by 4ft. Armstrong makes a wide range of patterned, smooth, and textured panels which are presented in the following product ranges: HomeStyle Accents, Contractor Series, HomeStyle Ceilings, and Metallaire. The Metallaire panels simulate tin ceilings; they are available in chrome, brass, copper, steel, and white finishes. The Armstrong website contains an interactive Ceiling Selector, and a Material Estimator, into which customers can input the details of their room's dimensions. 


Empire West. Empire West, of Graton, California, is a manufacturer specialising in thermoforming plastic products including panels for ceilings. The panels, which are sold under the Ceilume brand name, are available in 29 different embossed designs. Empire West panels are available for drop ceiling tile installations and for glue-up installations. In glue-up installations, the panels are mounted directly to ceilings or walls using adhesive, staples or nails. Decorative strips are then used to cover the joints between installed ceiling tiles. The designs fall into the following categories: Ornate Panels (11), Geometric Panels (10), and Elemental Panels (8). Panels are available in the following colors: White, Black, Latte, Merlot, Moss, Sand, Slate, and Translucent. Empire West Ceiling Panels are UL approved for use under ceiling sprinkler systems. 




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