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Cellulose insulation is made from recycled paper, usually newsprint, which has been treated with fire retardant such as boric acid. It is an environmentally friendly product, since it used recycled material and since the amount of energy consumed in its production is a fraction of that required to produce the main alternative - glass fiber. Cellulose insulation can be used to spray into wall or roof cavities. It is also available in loose-fill form; this can be spread onto attic floors with a lawn rake. Loose-fill insulation is particularly suited to use in awkward shaped and hard to get at areas of the attic floor, such as corners and edges. Cellulose insulation can cut energy consumption in a dwelling by as much as 40%. 




The following leading cellulose insulation manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, materials for, and advice on installation.


Nu-Wool Company. Nu-Wool, established in 1949 and based in Jenison, Missouri, is a leading supplier of cellulose insulation. Its insulation products are made from 100% recycled paper, and are Energy Star approved. Nu-Wool insulation is installed in attics and floors of new and existing buildings to reduce energy consumption and sound transmission. Nu-Wool Wallseal is a spray-in-place wall cavity insulation which carries the UL and EPA Five Star Energy Program labels. Nu-Wool also offer an InCide Pest Control Insulation product. This odorless insulation works behind walls and in attics where pests live and breed.


Applegate Insulation. Applegate Insulation, operating from Webberville, Missouri, is a manufacturer of blow in cellulose insulation, made from 80% recycled newsprint which is treated with fire retardant. The environmental advantage of this type of blow in insulation compared to fiber glass is that it uses a fifth of the energy during manufacture. The Applegate website contains several technical articles relevant to blow in insulation. Article topics include: Aggregate Insulation Specifications, Material Safety Data Sheet, and Standard Practice for Installing Cellulose Loose Fill Building Insulation.


Central Fiber Corporation. Central Fiber Corporation, based in Fiber Lane, Wellsville, Kansas, is an environmentally-based maker of products from post-consumer newsprint and virgin hardwood chips. Products include: cellulose insulation, hydroseeding mulch, alternative daily land fill cover, erosion control products, and industrial fibers. Central Fiber Corporation supplies two types of insulation: wall cavity insulation and loose-fill attic insulation. XCell wall cavity spray insulation is for spraying into wall cavities. CLEAN loose-fill attic insulation is for spreading manually on attic floors.


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