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Cement board siding is made from fiber cement - a mixture of sand, cement and cellulose fibers. Cement board siding does not have high resistance to thermal or sound transmission, and separate wall insulation is recommended. Cement board siding varies in thickness from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch, and sheet sizes are typically up to 2 feet by 4 feet. Cement board siding is available with textures that simulate sawn wood boards, complete with grain and knots.  Alternatively it can be supplied factory sealed and primed, so that only the topcoats need to be applied on site.


It can also be supplied completely finished, with a wide range of colors having been factory applied. If supplied in basic form, the siding needs painting on site. It can be applied to produce horizontal, vertical, or diagonal board effects. Compatible soffit and trim elements, to finish the siding, are also available.




Cement board siding is a highly practical alternative to wood siding. It stands up to freeze and thaw cycles; it will not rot or warp; it is resistant to salt spray and UV rays; it will not combust and is therefore fire-proof; and it is impervious to termites and other wood boring insects. For reduced environmental impact, it is available with up to 50% recycled content. The main considerations in choosing this siding are shape, color and texture.




There are three main shapes to choose from: shingles, horizontal lap siding, and vertical siding.


Most shingle siding is supplied in horizontal sheets, between 4 feet and 12 feet long. These are have molded into their surface shingle patterns, either regular, of varying width, of varying length, or random. The choice between these patterns depends on how rustic an appearance you are seeking. The shingles may have straight, half-round, or octagon bottom edges. Individual cement board shingles are also available; these are typically about 18 inches long, and either 6 or 8 inches wide. They need to be fixed individually, like wood shingles. 


Horizontal lap siding is typically supplied as planks 12 feet long, and between 5 inches and 12 inches in width. In the Dutchlap version, there is a beveled groove between each plank, creating a prominent shadow line. Another option is a beaded edge, giving a slight more decorative joint between the planks.


Vertical siding is supplied in large sheets with or without vertical grooves denoting the vertical planks. Sheets vary in size from 4ft by 8ft up to 4ft by 12ft.


Colors and textures


In terms of color, the basic choice is between painted colors and stain (wood colors). The range of painted colors offered for reflects closely the range of colours traditionally used in the USA for wood siding. These include pale cream, blue, and grey, but also bolder and darker golds, reds, and blues. The choice of stains will typically include redwood, mahogany, cedar, and maple. There is also the option of colored stain in grey or dark green. The texture of the surface may be smooth, but more usually carries a realistic imprinted wood grain texture.




CertainTeed. Certainteed, headquartered in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, is a leading manufacturer of cement board siding. It is part of the French Saint Gobain industrial group. Certainteed siding takes the form of panels which give the appearance of horizontal or vertical wood siding, or shingles. CertainTeed siding is available in basic form, ready to paint, pre-finished, or with stain finish. Pre-finished products are available in sixteen colors ranging from white through sand, to dark brown. Six different stains colors are available for cement board siding. Cetainteed also supplies cement fiber roofing, trim, and fencing. The Certainteed website contains guidance articles on fiber cement siding. Topics includ: Use of Fly Ash in Fiber Cement Siding, Components that Make Up CertainTeed Fiber Cement Siding, and Environmental Benefits of Fly Ash Formulation.


James Hardie. James Hardie, based in Mission Viejo, California, is a leading manufacturer of cement board siding. Its popular HardiePlank cement board lap siding is used in millions of homes in the USA. The siding has a texture simulating wood grain; it may be laid horizontally, vertically, or in the form of shingles. James Hardie siding is available in a variety of looks and textures, all of which are factory treated with sealer and primer. The basic siding does require painting, but alternatively a ColorPlus finish is available in 26 colors. James Hardie offers siding specially formulated for the climatic conditions in various parts of the USA. James Hardie analysed ten zones of the USA in terms of eight climatic variables that affect long term performance of siding. The HZ5 product is engineered for zones 1 through 5, and the HZ10 product is engineered for zones 6 through 10, including the southern and western coastal states.


MaxiTile. MaxiTile, based in Carson, California, is a leading manufacturer of fiber cement building products, including cement board siding. MaxiTile has been producing cement board siding since 1986 and is part of the Mexalit Group which has been making fiber cement and concrete building products for over 75 years. MaxiTile siding products have a 50 year limited materials warranty. MaxiTile siding products include: MaxiPlank, MaxiPanel, MaxiShingle, MaxiSoffit, MaxiTrim, and MultiShake. MaxiTile recommend the use of factory primed siding planks and panels, with two topcoats being applied on site. MaxiPanel siding can be used for kitchens and bathrooms as well as for exterior walls. The MaxiTile website contains a Technical Support section, covering Installation, Warranties, and Technical Documentation.




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