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Chain link fencing is woven from steel wire, which may be galvanized before or after weaving. It is available in heights from three feet to twelve feet, providing a robust and secure perimeter fencing. Most manufacturers supply two grades of chain link fencing: Residential and Commercial. Commercial chain link fencing is made from heavier gauge wire. Matching posts, rails, and fittings are supplied. In addition to being galvanized, chain link fencing may have an extruded polyvinyl chloride coating. This provides protection from corrosion and also offers a choice of colors.




The main considerations are the height of the fence, the thickness of the wire, and the finish of the wire.




Chain link fences may be anything from 3 feet the 12 feet high, the highest being generally used for surround sports areas where it is important to prevent balls escaping. Lower chain link fences for use around homes can be fitted with privacy slats.


Thickness of wire


The thickness of the wire for chain link fences can be quite confusing. Manufacturers will usually refer to the thickness of the wire being a certain 'gauge', for example 11 or 12 gauge. Oddly, the higher the number of the gauge, the thinner the wire. Thus, 11 gauge corresponds to a thickness of 0.120 inches, and a 12 gauge corresponds to a thickness of only 0.105 inches. Although gauges can vary between 6 and 14, the most common gauges for chain link fencing are 11, 11.5 and 12 gauge.




Chain link fence is normally made from zinc galvanized steel wire, with the galvanizing being applied either before or after the weaving of the wire. It is preferable for the galvanizing to the applied before weaving, to ensure that all surfaces are fully galvanized. Chain link may also be polymer coated. This provides additional protection, and enables the fence to be provided in a choice of colors. Various thicknesses of coating are available, with minimum thicknesses ranging from 0.006 inch to 0.015 inch.


A comprehensive briefing article on the specification of chain link fence, covering breaking strength of steel wire, standard mesh sizes, galvanized steel post dimensions, and typical fence details including top and bottom tension wires, is on this page of the website of the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute. 




The following leading chain link fencing manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colors and materials, and care and maintenance.


Anchor Fence. Anchor Fence is a leading supplier of all types of fence, including chain link fencing, based in Redford, Michigan. It is a family owned and operated business, which was established in 1892. Its product range covers wood, vinyl, chain link, aluminum and steel fences. It also supplies a comprehensive range of accessories, including post caps, picket caps, hinges, latches, decorative accents, and drop rods. Anchor Fence fencing is suitable for dog kennels, garden fences, pool fencing, security fencing, tennis court fencing, and dumpster enclosures. As an option, the fencing may be vinyl coated in a wide range of colors. The Anchor Fencing website contains a Frequently Asked Questions section. Topics include fence maintenance, warranties, dog fencing, code restrictions for pool fencing, and depth of setting for fence posts.


Builders Fence Company. Builders Fence Company, based in Sun Valley, California, is a leading supplier of fencing including chain link fencing. Builders Fence Company has five branches located in Los Angeles, Fontana, Sacramento, San Diego, and Sacramento. The Chain Link section of the Builders Fence Company website contains sections on: Chain Link Fittings, Gate Hardware, Chain Link Accessories, Pipe and Tube, Gates, Chain Link Fabric, Tools, Horse Corrals & Dog Runs, and Color Systems. Chain Link Fencing Fabric is available in heights from 36" to 144", and in 11, 11.5, and 12 Gauge. Mesh is either 2" or 2 1/4". The Chain Link Fabric is galvanized after weaving. Builders Fence Company can supply generic drawings of its chain link products, as well as shop drawings for projects being fabricated. 


Master Halco. Master Halco, headquartered in Orange, California, is a leading manufacturer of fencing, including chain link fencing. It operates manufacturing plants, regional distribution centers, and branch offices from more than 60 sites across the USA and Canada. It also has more than 200 field sales staff serving professional fencing contractors, security integrators, and building material retailers. It supplies three ranges of fencing: Residential, Commercial, and Tennis Court. Its fencing is available in range of gauges and coatings; privacy slats may be added. Master Halco Spectra fencing provides the corrosion protection of zinc with the durability and appearance of polyester framework and extruded polyvinyl chloride fabric. The Master Halco website is divided into sections for Homeowners, Contractors, Architects Specifiers & Engineers, and Business Owners & Government.


Southwestern Wire. Southwestern Wire, based in Norman, Oklahoma, is a leading manufacturer of chain link fencing. Southwestern Wire galvanizes the wire before weaving, producing a smoother and more even zinc coating. This process also avoids rough edges, burrs, and zinc globs that can injure children or tear clothing. Class 3 wire is woven into heavy duty residential and medium duty commercial fabric, with a 15 year warranty. For more demanding applications, Class 4 wire is used. The product range covers: Chain Link Fence, Framework, Tension Bar & Truss Rods, and Fittings. Chain link fittings available from Southwestern Wire include: Post & Terminal Caps, Loop Caps, Rail Ends, Tension Bands, Brace Bands, Barbwire Arms, Rail Sleeves, Gate Hinges, Gate Latches, Gate Drop Rods, Gate Corners, Bolts, Flanges and Angles.




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