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Chalkboard Paint is specially formulated to provide a hard and durable surface for chalkboards, that does not leave scratch marks from the chalk. Chalkboard Paint, which is usually made from latex, is supplied in black and may also be supplied in green. It can be used on purpose-made chalkboards; it can also be used to convert almost any surface into chalkboard. It can even be used, as shown on the right, as a decorative finish. Chalkboard paint can be applied to numerous materials including wood, tile, sheet-rock, glass, and metal. Magnetic chalkboard paint is available, enabling magnetic objects to be attached to the chalkboard.




The most important thing when creating a chalkboard is to use specialist paint, not normal gloss or matt paint. Specialist paint is formulated to produce a surface that will take chalk well, will wipe off easily, and be durable. It will take liquid chalk markers as well as chalk sticks.


Paint for chalkboards is available in green as well as black; consider the green option as a way of producing a lighter and more cheerful space. In playrooms and dens you may like to paint whole walls. Be bold - it's good for children to be able to do creative work on a large scale. You can always paint it over later with conventional paint if you change your mind.


Paint for chalkboards may be applied by brush or roller. It is also available in spray cans, which are suitable for smaller areas, or for refreshing an existing chalkboard.




The leading manufacturers selected by Abacus Construction Index, which are described below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colors and materials.


Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore & Co, based in Montvale, New Jersey, has been manufacturing paint since 1883. In 2000 it became part of the Berkshire Hathaway Group, led by Warren Buffet. Benjamin Moore supplies an eggshell finish paint for chalkboards, made from 100% Acrylic Latex. It is available in any color so long as it is black. Clean up of brushes is with soap and water. Benjamin Moore paint for chalkboards will turn virtually any interior surface into a chalkboard. It is particularly suited to use in kitchens, dens, and children's rooms. The paint is formulated to dry quickly, to resist spattering during application, and to minimize any lingering odors. It is designed to be used as a topcoat on surfaces which have already been painted, and can be applied by either brush or roller. The Benjamin Moore website contains an advice section with numerous articles on painting, staining, and calculating paint amounts.


Blick Art Materials. Blick Art Materials, of Galesburg, Illinois, is a leading supplier of artists materials. It imports black Rainbow Blackboard Paint from the UK, and sells it online in 250 millilitre cans. Each can can be expected to cover about 32 square feet of wall. Rainbow Blackboard Paint converts wood, tile, sheet-rock, glass, metal, or any other surface into a chalkboard. It is non-toxic and non-flammable. Rainbow paint can also be used for giving new life to old chalkboards. Developed for liquid chalk markers, it also accepts stick chalk. The paint dries without an abrasive finish, for easy board clean-up. It is highly opaque, and has a low sheen finish. Each 250ml can covers about 32 square feet. Blick Art Materials also supplies Krylon paint for chalkboards in a spray-on can. This is available in black or green.


Rust-Oleum. Rust-Oleum, based in Vernon Hills, Illinois, supplies Latex Chalkboard Paint in black and green. The paint is formulated using extremely hard pigments, which will not leave scratch marks where the chalk has been used. The paint may be applied with roller or brush to wood, metal, plastic, glass, paperboard, or hardboard. Rust-Oleum paint for chalkboards is available in a spray-on can, as tint base, and as brush-on paint. Rust-Oleum's other products include its original rust preventative paint. This was invented in 1921 by Scottish sea captain Robert Fergusson, who accidentally spilled raw fish oil on his metal deck and noticed that it stopped the spread of corrosion. He then developed the world's first rust preventative paint; it was based on fish oil, dried overnight, and left no lingering odor. Rust-Oleum Corporation is a subsidiary of RPM International inc.




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