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Chimney caps are metal caps fitted to the top of the chimney flue. In some cases they may be added purely for decorative purposes. More usually chimney caps are fitted for three practical reasons: to produce an up draft to help the fire burn better, to keep out rain, and to keep birds and other obstructions from entering the chimney flue. Chimney caps may be supplied in stainless steel, in copper, or in black painted galvanised steel. Copper caps weather to attractive shades, and are particularly suitable for traditional properties.


To help provide an updraft, some caps are designed to swivel with the wind. Others, known as turbine caps, spin horizontally with a wind turbine action, providing a upward such of air from the chimney. 




The following leading manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colors and materials, and installation.


Chimney Cap Design. This company, based in Tualatin, Oregon, is a leading internet supplier of chimney caps. These are offered in stainless steel or in copper, in a wide variety of designs. They are fitted to the top of the flue above an open fire or boiler. They help the first to burn better, by providing a steady up draft in the flue. They also avoid birds or other obstructions getting into the flue. Designs include the Rain Cap, which is designed to provide basic flue protection from rain and from animal invasion. Other models of include the DraftMaster and AirManager. The design of the DraftMaster cap is based on Bernoulli's law, creating lower air pressure at the chimney opening compared to the pressure inside the chimney. DraftMaster caps are also designed to produce laminar air flow, rather than turbulent air flow, assisting the passage of smoke from the chimney.


Fireplace Essentials. Fireplace Essentials is an online retailer of fireplace tools and accessories. It was founded by Bill Goudy, who worked for over ten years as a professional chimney sweep in upstate New York. The Fireplace Essentials website offers twenty types of cap, including: Stainless Steel Single Cap, Copper Single Flue Caps, and Chimney Dampers. Other models include the Vacu Stack chimney, designed to avoid wind-related backpuffing; fully assembled Copper Chimney Pots; and European Copper Chimney Pots. The Flue Stretcher Cap extends the height of the chimney, helping to overcome draft problems. Specialist caps supplied by Fireplace Essentials include: Caps for Metal Pipes, Copper Single Flue Caps, and Stainless Steel Single Flue Caps. Fireplace Essentials also supplies an Exhausto Fan, which is guaranteed to stop smoking fireplaces; this can also be sued as a ventilator to exhaust stale air and cigarette smoke.


Volko Supply. Volko Supply, based in Garden City Park, New York, is a leading online retailer of chimney caps. The caps on offer from Volko Supply include: Single Caps, Custom Caps, Masonry Round Caps, Double Caps, Turbine Caps, Specialty Caps. The Turbine Cap is a dependable rotary cap, which works automatically, continuously, and silently - except when there is no wind. Turbine caps up to 14 inch diameter are aluminum braced. Larger sizes are steel braced for extra strength. Volko Supply also offers an electrically powered exhaust chimney fan, which safely exhausts wood and gas fireplaces and coal or wood burning stoves. Other products offered by Volko Supply include: Full Size Copper Weathervanes, Copper Finials, Cupolas, Copper Roof Vents, and Gutter Accessories.




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