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Modern coal stoves provide a good value method of heating, with relatively little work. They burn a hard coal known as Anthracite, rather than bituminous coal. Coal stoves can also burn rice coal. Most modern coal stoves are of the automatic 'stoker' type. This involves a powered mechanism for feeding the coal from a hopper, which can contain around 100 pounds of coal. This means that the stove need only be topped up with coal every two or three days. Ash needs to be removed from the stove every day or two. Coal stoves can be fitted with a thermostat, which controls a convection fan.




The following leading coal stove manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colors and materals, and care and maintenance.


Harman Stove Company. Harman Stove Company, based in Halifax, Pennsylvania, is a leading US manufacturer of stoves including coal burning stoves. It supplies stoves designed to burn pellets, wood, coal, gas, and corn. Harman stoves use a Verti-Flow Stoker System, which feeds coal vertically from the bottom up. The push assembly rides on heavy bronze bearings, the pusher arm and motor on ball bearings, and the gearbox on needle bearings. The Pent-Roof Combustion Chamber provides high fuel efficiency by reflecting heat back to the burning coal bed. The stove has a hundred pound hopper. Harman stoves are designed to be installed almost anywhere in the home, including dining room, bathrooms, bedrooms, media rooms and dens. The website contains an Idea Center with a gallery of images of coal burning stoves in use around the house.


Leisure Line Stove Company. The Leisure Line Stove Company is based in Berwick, Pennsylvania. It produces ten models of coal burning stove, all fully automatic stoker stoves using Anthracite coal. They range in power from 40,000 BTUs to 180,000 BTUs, with thermostat or manual control. Leisure Line stoves use a thermostat to provide variable control of the convection fan. Instead of a simple limit switch, which runs with the fan wide open or not at all, the thermostat ramps the fan up and down. Wet coal can be burned without putting out the fire or damaging the stove feed system. Rice coal can be purchased dust free with an oil solution sprayed on at the coal breaker. Leisure Line focuses exclusively on stoker coal stoves, it does not supply hand fired stoves, wood stoves, or gas or oil stoves. All Leisure Line stoves are automatic, with no shakers or raking. 


Reading Stove Company. Reading Stove Company, based in Pottsville, Pennslyvania, is a manufacturer of ergonomically designed coal burning stoves of rugged cast iron construction. It is a subsidiary of Reading Anthracite, which is largest producer of anthracite coal in the world. To use a Reading stove you put Anthracite coal in the hopper every two to three days, set the variable temperature control, and come back every one or two days to empty the ash container. Reading stoves can deliver up to 85,000 BTUs of heat; sufficient to heat a house of up to 1800 square feet in size. They can also be used to supplement other heating systems. All models of coal burning stove are displayed in the Reading Stove Company store at Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania. Reading Stove Company advises that all coal burning stoves should be installed by a competent, licensed installer.




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