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Composting toilets are designed for use in places where drainage is not available. Their designs have developed considerably in recent years, with innovations designed to reduce odor, and to make maintenance as easy as possible. Two basic types of composting toilets are available for the private home: self contained units to be placed within the bathroom, and central systems which have a separate processing unit in the basement. Larger centralised systems are available for academic and commercial buildings.




The leading manufacturers, described below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colours and materials, and care and maintenance.


Biolet USA, the US subsidiary of Biolet of Sweden, is a leading manufacturer of composting toilets. Biolet has been a manufacturer of these toilets for 30 years, and claims to be the world's largest. Biolet toilets have advanced liquid controls, and are as easy to use as a flush toilet. They can be installed anywhere, in a few hours, by anyone with basic handyman skills. Under normal operating conditions, Biolet toilets will require emptying every two to twelve months. A constant flow of air into the toilet, and out through a vent pipe to the outdoors, prevents odors.


Sun-Mar is a leading US manufacturer of composting toilets. Its first cottage toilet, an incinerating type, was invented in Sweden in 1976. Sun-Mar invented the world's first composting self-contained toilet in Sweden in 1971; production was moved to North America in 1979. Sun-Mar supplies three types of toilet: Self Contained Toilets, Central Flush Systems, and Central Dry Systems. Both Central systems are designed to be installed in a basement. The Central Dry Systems contain a thermostatically controlled heater in a sealed compartment, with turbo fan and vent stack.


Civis Multrum supplies composting toilets for golf courses, parks, and remote recreational areas. The patented design, incorporating a sloping chamber, was developed in Sweden in 1939 by Rikard Lindstrom. Civis Multrum Inc was founded in Massachusetts in 1973. Civis Multrum supplies large scale toilet systems for commercial and academic buildings, also offering smaller systems for home use. Its Foam Flush toilet offers the feel of a flush fixture with the benefits of the composting process. Civis Multrum also supplies grey water systems for use in homes, offices, and retail stores.


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