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Concrete blocks are a widely used and economical building product. They are available in two main forms: concrete blocks and cinder blocks. The former are made entirely from concrete, which provides great strength. The latter are made from a mixture of coal cinders and concrete. This produces a concrete block which is lighter, weaker, and more economical. Pure concrete blocks are used in applications where considerable strength is required, for example in a retaining wall for a residential basement. Cinder blocks are widely used in larger buildings, particularly those what have a steel frame structure.


Concrete blocks are available in very wide range of shapes and sizes. In addition to the traditional sincle cell and double cell concrete blocks, special concrete blocks are available to brick size, for chimneys and lintels, and for corners and for decorative screens. A specialist type of concrete block contains integral foam insulation. This can greatly increase the thermal insulation, without sacrificing strength and durability.




NRG: Insulated Concrete Blocks. NRG insulated concrete blocks are a patented product, providing good thermal insulation and high thermal mass. This is achieved by a continuous vertical insulated thermal barrier which runs between the two interlocking parts of the concrete block. There are no web connections, therefore no energy breaks between the interior core and the external wall veneer.


NRG insulated concrete blocks can delivery energy savings of over 60% compared to conventional concrete blocks. The exterior veneer of NRG insulated concrete blocks is available in a wide range of colors and architectural finishes, including Standard Gray Block, Trendstone, Trendstone Plus, Verastone, Mesastone and Split Face Block. NRG Insulated Concrete Blocks contain up to 30% of recycled material.


US Concrete: Concrete Blocks. US Concrete, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a leading supplier of concrete products and ready mix concrete. It operates a fleet of more than 1500 mixing trucks with a total production capacity of 9 million cubic yards of concrete per annum.


The concrete blocks supplied by US Concrete are of two types: concrete block and cinder block. Concrete blocks are made from pure concrete; cinder blocks are made from a mixture of coal cinders and concrete, producing a lighter and cheaper building material. Basements for suburban houses are normally constructed with a concrete block wall resting on a concrete foundation and slab. Cinder blocks are widely used in large steel-framed buildings. Exposed surfaces of concrete blocks are ususaly finished with stucco, brick, paint, or vinyl or aluminum siding.


Cemex: Concrete Blocks. Cemex is one of the world's leading suppliers of building materials including cement and concrete blocks. Its US manufacturing network includes 14 cement plants, more than 100 aggregate quarries, and hundreds of ready-mix concrete plants. Cemex produces a full range of concrete blocks including: Standard Double Cell Concrete Blocks, Single Cell Concrete Blocks, Solid Concrete Blocks, Single Scored Concrete Blocks, Double Score Concrete Blocks, Return Corner Concrete Blocks, and Angled Concrete Blocks.


The Cemex website contains an online block calculator which can calcuate the amount of material needed for a particular concrete block project. The calculator will also estimate the amount of mortar bags and the amound of sand needed for a project. Concrete blocks provide excellent fire resistance of up to 4 hours.




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