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Concrete Floor Paint may be made from latex or alkyd. There are also one part and two part epoxy concrete floor paints. Concrete floor paint is designed to be resistant to chemicals, oil, and gasoline. In the case of two part epoxy paints, two liquids are mixed together. This sets off a polymerizing chemical reaction, producing within 24 hours a durable surface which is firmly bonded to the concrete base. Color flakes may be added for decorative effect. Concrete Floor Paint is suitable for garages, basements, and porches. 




When painting a concrete floor, it is important to use a paint specially formulated for this purpose. Normal gloss or matt paints, designed for use on timber doors and windows, should not be used on a concrete floor. The usual type of is water-based epoxy; this gives a hardwearing surface, and is available in a wide range of colors. It is resistant to chemicals, oil, and gasoline. It is available with a high gloss surface, or with granular additives to produce a non-slip surface. However the non-slip versions are more difficult to clean.


Other options include alkalyd high gloss enamel floor paint, latex satin enamel floor paint, and concrete stain and stone sealer.




The great challenge in applying this paint is to make sure that the it will adhere strongly to the concrete surface. In order to achieve this the concrete surface must be de-greased; water or damp must be removed; and if necessary the surface must be slightly roughened, ideally to the feel of medium grade sandpaper.


Special de-greasing chemicals are available, either in standard or heavy duty form. All surface water must be removed, and any damp must be allowed to dry out. To produce the slightly rough surface which is ideal for adhesion, specialist acid etching solutions are available; after these have been used the floor should be well washed with water; household ammonia can be used in the water to neutralize any remaining acid.




The leading manufacturers selected by Abacus Construction Index, which are described below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of concrete floor paint, including online catalogs, colors and materials.


Behr. Behr, of Santa Ana, California, is a leading manufacturer of architectural paints including concrete floor paint. Behr was founded in 1947 by Otho Behr, selling linseed oil to paint stores from the back of his woody station wagon. He enlisted his father, Otho Behr Sr, who was an accomplished chemist to develop clear finishes and stains for application to redwood. In 1948 they moved from the family garage to an 800 square foot Quonset hut in Pasadena, California. Today Behr has locations and businesses in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington, and in Canada, China, Guam, and India. Behr's range of concrete floor paints includes one and two part Epoxy Acrylic Concrete Paint, Wet-Look Sealer, Low-Lustre Sealer, Solid Color Concrete Stain, Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain, and Decorative Color Flakes. Behr's one part Expoxy Acrylic Concrete Floor Paint is a water-based floor paint that is resistant to chemicals, oil, and gasoline.


Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore & Co, based in Montvale, New Jersey, has been manufacturing paint since 1883. It was founded in Brooklyn, New York, by Benjamin Moore and his brother Robert with $2,000 and one product - Moore's Prepared Calsom Finish. Today in manufacturers paints, stains and finishes, including concrete floor paint, at seven plants. It sells through a network of more than four thousand independent retailers throughout North America. Since 2000 Benjamin Moore has been part of the Berkshire Hathaway Group, led by Warren Buffet. The Benjamin Moore range of includes: Porch & Floor Alkyd High Gloss Enamel Paint, Porch & Floor Latex Satin Enamel Paint, and Concrete and Stone Stain & Sealer. There is a How To section of the website, which includes the following sections: Painting 101, Painting Techniques, Problem Solving, Surface Preparation, and Paint Calculator for working out quantities.


Motor City Flooring. Motor City Flooring, of Detroit, Michigan, is a specialist manufacturer of the MuscleGloss brand of concrete floor paint. MuscleGloss is a 100% solids epoxy coating that bonds mechanically to the surface to produce an impervious barrier which will guard concrete from salt, fluids, and automobile wear and tear. To apply MuscleGloss paint, two components are mixed together; within 24 hours the liquid mixture is polymerized into a dense chemically resistant epoxy film. It is suited to garages and basements, but is not intended for outdoor use. MuscleGloss floor paint gives a very high gloss surface, gives off no odor, and is self-leveling. MuscleGloss floor paint is widely used in private garages, airport hangars, manufacturing plant floors, and automotive dealerships.




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