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Ovens may be built into cooking ranges, or may be fitted into wall mounted kitchen cabinets. They may be fuelled by electricity or gas. Both single and double ovens are available. Double ovens may incorporate a combination oven which can operate as a conventional oven or as a microwave oven.


Convection, or fan, ovens have a fan which circulates the air within the oven during cooking. This eliminates hot spots, and produces an even temperature throughout the oven. Higher range models feature dual convection fans, to ensure even heat distribution. Some manufacturers supply ovens which combine thermal, convection, and microwave power, enabling cooking to take place up to five times quicker than in a conventional oven. 




The following leading convection oven manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of convection ovens, including online catalogs and specifications for convection ovens, and care and maintenance of convection ovens.


General Electric: Convection Ovens. General Electric is a leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances, including convection ovens. Its wall ovens are presented on its website in the following categories: Convection Ovens, Microwave Combination Ovens, Traditional Ovens, and Trivection Ovens. Trivection is a technology which combines thermal, convection and microwave energies to produce food very fast. If offers speed baking and speed broiling, which can cook food up to five times faster than a conventional oven. Other features include Glass Touch Oven Controls, and Self Cleaning.


Wolf: Convection Ovens. Wolf, which has been merged since 2000 with the kitchen appliance manufacturer Sub-Zero, has for seventy years been a leading manufacturer of professional cooking equipment for hotels and restaurants. It now supplies premium kitchen appliances, including ovens, for the residential market. Its range of built-in ovens includes single and double 30 inch and 36 inch convection ovens. Wolf convection ovens feature a dual convection system with two fans and four heating elements. They offer ten cooking modes, including bake, roast, broil, convection bake, and bake stone.


KitchenAid: Convection Ovens. KitchenAid is a leading supplier of kitchen appliances including convection ovens. It prides itself on the durability of its products. It supplies more than 20 models of convection oven, both single and double. The Even-Heat true convection feature eliminates hot spots, and means that there is no need to rotate pans or move pans of cookies from one rack to another. KitchenAid ovens feature a self-cleaning system with soil level and time selection which automatically cleans the oven, eliminating scrubbing and fumes. An door lock automatically secures the door during self-cleaning.



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