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Cork flooring has been used for many years in buildings such as schools, hospitals, museums, churches, and libraries. It is now increasingly being used in homes, either as glue-down tiles or as snap-together floating floors. Cork is made from the outer bark of the Quercus Suber tree, which grows in the Mediterranean area. Cork flooring is durable, provides acoustic and thermal insulation, cushions the foot, and is resistant to moisture damage. Its properties derive from its unusual structure of hollow 14-sided cells with extremely strong, flexible, cell walls that are waterproof and airtight.




Cork floor is available in a variety of patterns and tile sizes, and in a wide range of stained colors. The following leading cork flooring manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colours and materials, and care and maintenance.


Jelinek. Jelinek Cork, of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, is a leading global manufacturer of cork products including cork flooring. The company was founded in 1855 in what is now the Czech Republic, as a maker of cork stoppers for beer bottles. When the company was nationalized in 1948, the Jelinek family re-started the business in Canada. The Jelinek range of cork floors includes: Glue-down CorkDecor Floors, Floating Cork Floors, Cork Mosaic Floors, and Cork & Rubber Safety Floors. The Cork Mosaic Floors are made of recycled wine corks, sliced into discs 1/4" thick.


Wicanders. Wicanders, whose US headquarters is in Hanover, Maryland, is part of the international Amorim group, based in Portugal. It is a leading supplier of cork products including cork flooring. Its cork floor range comprises four collections: Identity, Nuances, Originals, and Personality. The Identity collection has a rectangular tiled effect, in silver, gray, or brown. The Originals collection gives a natural cork effect, in both pattern and color. The Personality collection offers a wider range of colors, including Champagne, Spice, Tea, Chestnut, and Caramel.


Globus Cork. Globus Cork, of Bronx, New York, is a supplier of cork flooring which specialises in supplying a very wide range of colors and tile sizes. 36 colors are available, including Terracotta, Tangerine, Spring Green, Sage, Ocean Blue, and Red Mahogany. The range of sizes includes five square sizes, and fourteen different rectangles ranging from 6" by 9" to 18" by 36". Custom sizes and shapes, including hexagons and diamonds, can be supplied on a 300 sq.ft. minimum order. The flooring may be supplied as glue-down tiles, or as glue-less, snap-down floating floors. 


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