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Countertops are work surfaces for kitchens. They may be made of laminate, solid wood, granite, stainless steel, or composite materials such as Corian. Laminate countertops are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, including sumulated wood and stone.


Composite materials such as Corian can be formed into continuous sinks and countertops.


The leading countertop manufacturers listed below the panel of sponsored links have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of countertops, including online catalogs of countertops, colours and materials for bathroom countertops, and care and maintenance of countertops.




Corian Countertops. Corian is a specialist material made by DuPont. A blend of natural materials and acrylic polymer, Corian can be made into counter tops and sinks, as well as other horizontal and vertical surfaces. The Home section of the Corian website covers colors, sinks and edges, photo gallery, care and maintenance of Corian, and warranties. There is also a section for commercial applications, which includes Corian specifications and technical information. Corian is manufactured as sinks and sheets; it is sold via a network of distributors thoughout the USA.


Home Granite Countertops. Home Granite is a leading supplier of granite counter tops. The Home Granite website contains sections on kitchen countertops, vanity tops and sinks, ordering samples, granite maintenance, and customer service. There is also a separate section for fabricators. The advantages of granite as a material for countertops are that it resists scratching, and resists stains and discoloration. It can also take a hot pan on the surface without damage. 


Zodiaq Countertops. Zodiaq, manufactured by DuPont, is an innovative counter top material made largely from quartz. The Zodiaq website contains sections for the home, for commercial, and for trade partners. The home section covers colors, photo gallery, care and maintenance, and warranty. There is also an online 'find a dealer' section. The commercial applications sector includes technical information on Zodiaq. Zodiaq is made mainly from quartz, producing a tough non-porous surface which resists stains. It does not need waxes or sealants.



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