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Crown Molding is an architectural feature, providing decoration where wall meets ceiling. Crown molding can range from a simple continuous section to elaborate decorative patterns with repeating raised designs. Crown molding was traditionally made of plaster, and plaster crown molding is still available. In some cases it is reinforced with fiberglass. A cheaper alternative is made from high density flame retardant polystyrene. Crown molding is usually fitted at either 45 degrees or 38 degrees to the wall, so that viewed from the end of the molding the wall, ceiling, and molding form a triangle. This requires great care in the cutting of the joints. Corner pieces of molding can be supplied; these simplify the cutting of corners but do result in more joints. 


The leading crown molding manufacturers, listed below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colours and materials, and installation.



Balmer. Balmer has been making architectural and decorative details since 1835, first in the UK, and since 1894 in the USA. Its artists work in wood, steel, clay and compositions to produce thousands of original pieces of architectural art, including crown molding. The molding is reproduced in nontoxic glass fiber reinforced gypsum plaster, gypsum cements, and composites. They are also made in a high density flame retarded rigid polyurethane foam. In addition to molding, Balmer manufactures panel moldings, ceiling medallions and domes, fireplace mantels, and columns.


So Simple. So Simple manufactures molding from high density polystyrene. The polystyrene has a Skin-Tec finish, which smooth, hard, and takes paint well. The aim is to produce a product which has the finish of wood, but is easy to install, light in weight, and does not warp. So Simple recommend readily available DAP caulking compound for fixing the molding to the ceiling. This is guaranteed for 35 years. Sticks of molding are available with pre-cut corners, to minimise seams. Free samples are sent out on request. 


MCMC. MCMC, which has its headquarters in Washington DC and its showroom in Brentwood, Maryland, has been supplying ornamental plaster architectural moldings since 1979. Its designs are based on careful research, and faithfully reproduce period moldings. The crown molding is made from plaster reinforced with fiberglass. MCMC offer a range of more than 100 historical designs of molding. These include simple continuous sections, and elaborate decorative moldings with repeated raised designs. There is also a range of eight designs of economy molding.


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