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Dome Houses are an unusual and interesting way of building a home. They are a specialist product, which appeals to those who want a really different type of home. Dome houses also appeal to the environmentally conscious, as they can be designed in ways which are highly energy efficient. One reason for this is that the curved shape reduces the area of outside wall. Dome houses can also be sunk into the ground, and covered with earth. This reduces the dome house's visual impact, and increases its energy efficiency.


There are two main methods of construction for dome houses: geodesic and concrete. Geodesic dome houses have a structure made up of interlocking triangles. This is a technique invented by the famous 20th century innovator Buckminster Fuller. The other method of constructing dome houses is sprayed concrete; this is usually applied to a light dome made of foam.


Dome houses can be made from a single dome, or from as many as seven domes of various sizes linked together.




Good Karma Domes. Based in Oklahoma City, USA, Good Karma Domes has been constructing dome houses for more than thirty years. The dome houses have roofs of elastomeric and shingle. The company supplies all dome parts, including dome ledger boards, dome extensions, dome cupolas and dome windows. Sheetrock and paneling can be pre-cut on site. Good Karma Domes also offers an erection service. The Good Karma Domes website includes two hours of video, showing three dome raisings and in-shop fabrication.


Timberline Geodesic Domes: Dome Houses. Timberline Geodesic Domes has been making dome houses since 1975. Its dome houses are produced as pre-cut, pre-drilled lumber, which is color coded. A readily understandable and illustrated Assembly Manual is included. Timberline dome houses provide good energy efficiency. One reason for this is that dome houses use thirty percent less surface area to enclose the same volume compared to a rectangular building. Also cold air is deflected around the curved surface of the house, reducing air penetration.



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