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Door chimes are an alternative to the traditional door bell. They are available in wired or wireless form, and can serve up to three doors with distinctive chimes. The simplest door chimes offer a choice of one or two tones, such as Ding Ding Dong, or Westminster chimes. More sophisticated chimes contain dozens of built-in songs, with special songs for patriotic days and festive seasons. Some door chimes allow the user to program the chimes, or even to record an unlimited variety of music and voice messages.




The leading suppliers, described below the panel of sponsored links, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, specifications, colours and materials.

Musical Bell. Musical Bell chimes have been manufactured by Microsystems Development Tech. Inc. of San Jose, California, since 1983. The chime is designed to replace the normal wired mechanical door bell in the home. It supports a front door button and a back door button. It is fully programmable, as well as containing more than 100 built-in songs. These include: Blue Danube, Alouette, Home on the Range, Amazing Grace, and Swing Low Sweet Chariot. Animal sounds include: Elephant Roar, Cow Moo, Duck Quack, and Frog Ribbet. All sounds can be heard on the website.


1800 Doorbell. is a family-owned company which has been selling door chimes online for over 15 years. It is happy to provide advice on types of door chime and compatibility. Its product range includes doorbells and door chimes, doorbell buttons, panic transmitters, doorbell extenders, entrance alerts, entry chimes, and exist alarms. It also supplies dirveway alarm systems and accessories.


Nutone. Nutone, of Cincinnati, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of wired and wireless chimes. The wired range includes: Traditional Musical Chimes, Decorative Chimes, Specialty Electronic Chimes, and Ambient Light Chimes. The website also supplies a Chime Diagnostic Tool, Transformers & Chime Wire, Builder Kits, and Wired Push Buttons. The Traditional Musical Wired Chime provides distinctive chimes for each of three entrances. These are an eight-note or four-note chime for the front door, and separate one-note tones for the second and third doors.


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