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In an era of electric door bells and chimes, the door knocker is an essentially decorative item. Classic designs are available in cast brass, in either polished or antique finish. There is also a wide range of novelty door knockers, which enable customers to personalise their front door. These knockers are available in nautical, animal, wildlife, spiritual, and sporting designs. The leading door manufacturers, described below the panel of sponsored links, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of door knockers, including specifications, and materials.



Brass Gallery. The Brass Gallery is located in Waynesboro, Virginia, in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. It is an online retailer specialising in the sale of heriloom-quality classic brass door knockers in traditional designs. These are presented in the Jefferson Brass and Colonial Trust ranges. The Jefferson Brass range includes: Lion Knocker, Classic Ring Knocker, Shell Knocker, Blair House Knocker, Fox Knocker, and Goose Knocker. The Colonial Trust range includes: Salem Knocker, Chelmsford Knocker, Plymouth Knocker, and Yarmouth Knocker. Many of the Brass Gallery door knockers and manufactured by Virginia Metalcrafters, which is also located in Waynesboro, Virginia. Brass Gallery also offers home decor products including bookends, desk accessories, picutre frames, and pineapple gifts. It also offers yard and garden products, including bird baths, iron doormats, fountains, and garden urns.


Cape Cod Weathervane Company. Cape Cod Weathervane Company, a division of Bendtek Inc., is based in Orleans, Massachussetts. It supplies a wide range of brass door knockers. They are available in the following colors: Yellow Brass, Red Brass, Green Brass, Nickel Silver. Finish may be Antique or Polished Mirror Finish. Designs include: Sand Dollar Knockers, Sea Scallop Knocker, Spiral Shell Knocker, Conch Knocker, Quahog Knocker, and Starfish Knocker. Other products supplied by Cape Code Weathervane Company include: Weathervanes, Cupolas, Wall Art, Copper Lighting, Copper Gutters, and Rain Chains. Cape Cod Copper Weathervanes are available in a huge variety of decorative designs, including fish, birds, horses, golfers, pigs, and vintage aircraft. They are designed to provide a point of interest for passers by.


Michael Healy. Michael Healy studied metal sculpture at the University of Notre Dame. His range of more than 100 door sculptures, which take the form of knockers or doorbell ringers, cover themes such as gardening, cooking, outdoor life, Southwest, equestrian, and seashore. He works from his own foundry in Rhode Island, using the ancient sand-casting technique in which an original sculpted model is pressed into firmly packed sand to create a mold. Brass, Bronze, and Nickel Silver alloys are then heated to over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and are hand-poured into the impression. Michael Healy Knockers are available in brass, bronze, nickel silver, and oiled bronze. There is an enormous range of designs. Popular knockers include: sailboat, bumblebee, scallop, acorn, Black Eyed Susan flower, grape on the vine, horseshoe, and pineapple.




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