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There are three types of door mat: indoor door mats, outdoor door mats, and indoor/outdoor door mats. The main purpose of door mats is to prevent dirt, water, snow, or sand, from entering the house. The traditional coir door mat has now been largely superseded by door mats made from synthetic materials such as polypropylene. This is because natural fibres tend to be susceptible to rot and mildew, remain wet if used outdoors, and can be difficult to clean. Rubber is also used as a material for door mats.


There is a wide range of outdoor door mats illustrated with images and sayings. These include humorous welcoming messages such as: 'We Serve Only The Finest California Wines. Did You Bring Any?'.




The following leading door mat manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of door mats, including online catalogs, colours and materials for door mats, and care and maintenance of door mats. Door Mats. is a website specialising in the online retailing of door mats, outdoor carpets, and outdoor rugs. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, it is a member of the NetShops network of specialist online stores. The Door Mat section of its website covers Outdoor Doormats, Indoor Doormats, and Entryway Rugs. The Outdoor Doormat section contains more than 500 products. Many of these have illustrations and patterns, with themes including: NCAA Teams, Animals, Novelty & Sayings, Flowers, NFL Teams, Nautical, Seasonal, Sports, NASCAR and Fruit door mats.


Cape Cod: Door Mats. Cape Cod Doormats, of Hyannis, Massachusetts, has been hand-weaving doormats since 1986. No machines are involved; all door mats are woven by hand from polypropylene cordage containing a UV additive to prevent fading and color bleed. They are designed to trap dirt, mud, snow and sand. The standard solid color door mat is available in 24 colors, including Beige, Black, Lime, Orange, and Yellow. A Two Color Speckled Weave is available in six colorways, including Mocha Chip, Cactus, and Granite. The four standard sizes are: 18" x 30", 20" x 36", 28" x 36", and 30" by 50".


Wilde Mats & Matting: Door Mats. Wilde Mats & Matting, which is run by Erika Wilde and is based in Springville, Utah, is an online retailer of door mats at is website Its product range includes: Indoor Door Mats, Outdoor Door Mats, Garage Floor Mats, Anti-Fatigue Mats, and Custom Logo Mats. Its range of outdoor door mats includes: Rubber Brush Door Mats, Safety Scrape Door Mats, and Waterhog Classic Door Mats. The Waterhog Door Mat has rubber-reinforced face nubs and a waffle design. Its raised-rubber 'water-dam' border traps dirt and water, keeping them off carpets and floors.



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