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Double Glazing takes two forms: integrated insulated glass panels, and secondary glazing fitted to existing windows. Integrated insulated glass panels are made from two or three layers of glass, with hermetically sealed space between the layers of glass. The gap may be air filled, with dessicant, or may be filled with an inert gas such as Argon or Krypton. Dependent on the application, the glass may be annealed, tempered, or laminated. Secondary double glazing involves a second frame being attached to the inside or outside of an existing window. As well as improving heat and sound insulation, this reduces draughts.




The leading manufacturers, described below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colours and materials for double glazing.

Thermoseal. Thermoseal Glass LLC, of Gloucester City, New Jersey, has been manufacturing insulating glazing units for more than 40 years. Thermoseal supplies glazing of any construction, including double and triple units. Its Warm Edge space technology uses Nickel Plated Steel, Stainless Steel, Thermal Edge, Super Spacer, Swiggle, or Inex technology. Glass options include: Annealed, Tempered, and Laminated. Thermoseal also supplies specialist insulating glazing for refrigeration equipment, ovens, and test chambers.


Solar Innovations. Solar Innovations, headquartered in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, is a leading manufacturer of double glazed windows. It also makes Greenhouses, Sunrooms, Conservatories, Pool & Spa Enclosures, Curtain Walls, Walkways, Canopies, and Skylights. Standard colors for the aluminum framing, include Bronze, White, Black, Hartford Green, Natural Clay, and Sandstone. Copper, Stainless Steel, and simulated Lead coated Copper cladding options may be supplied; an extra charge applies. Solar Innovations products are designed for use in both residential and commercial applications.


Schott. Schott North America, which is headquartered in Elmsford, New York, manufactures double glazed units with louvers incorporated and hermetically sealed between the glass panes. This type of glazing offers energy savings though the control of passive solar gain. It also extends daylight working by directing daylight deeper into the room or towards the ceiling, thus reducing the need for electric lighting. It is intended particularly for light and heat control in industrial and commercial settings, including offices, atriums, airports, and libraries.


Soundproof Windows. Soundproof Windows, of Fremont, California, makes secondary sliding glass doors which can be fitted to the inner or outer face of existing sliding glass doors. As well as reducing down sound transmission, they prevent draughts and improve heat insulation. Laminated glass is used; this is safer than the usual tempered glass because it is more difficult for an intruder to break. Laminated glass is required in hurricane prone areas. The frames of the sliding glass doors are made from aluminum, and are available in a choice of more than fifty colors.


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