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Electric lawn mowers are coming into increasing use for their convenience, and because they reduce CO2 emissions. They may be corded or cordless, and may have rotary or reel cutters.


Corded electric lawn mowers have a long electric lead, and plug into the main household electricity supply. They may have either rotary or reel cutters.


Cordless electric lawn mowers have a battery, which needs to be charged overnight. They usually have reel, or cylinder, cutters similar to a push mower which actually cut the grass like a pair of scissors. Some models operate at 24 volts, using a pair of batteries in series. Cordless electric lawn mowers can run for an hour on a single charge, cutting up to one third of an acre. For larger areas, the battery can be replaced with a second, charged, battery as required. 




The following leading electric lawn mower manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of electric lawn mowers, including online catalogs, designs and specifications for electric lawn mowers, and care and maintenance of electric lawn mowers.


Black & Decker: Electric Lawn Mowers. Black & Decker manufactures electric lawn mowers; these may be corded or cordless. Both types of electric lawn mower have horizontally rotating twin cutters, which may be 18 inches or 19 inches in diameter. Some electric lawn mower models have a bag or box attached to the back of the lawnmower for collecting the grass clippings. The Black & Decker cordless lawn mower has a 24 volt sealed lead acid battery, which when fully charged can cut up to a third of an acre of lawn. Grass conditions will affect cutting. The battery will charge fully overnight.


Neuton: Electric Lawn Mowers. Neuton, based in Vergennes, Vermont, specialises in the manufacture of battery-powered electric lawn mowers. Neton has sold more than 16,000 battery-powered lawn mowers, and claims a resulting CO2 emissions reduction of 600 tons per year. The Neuton CE 6.2 battery powered electric lawn mower has a 19 inch cutting path, and 360 watt-hours of battery energy. It is suitable for cutting lawns of up to one third of an acre on a single charge. For larger areas, an optional spare battery can be dropped into the mower. 



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