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Entry Doors are classified in manufacturers literature as exterior doors. They are usually made of wood, but may also be made of fiberglass or steel. A very wide range of custom-made designs is available, both traditional and contemporary, to give a completely individual appearance to the home.  Many designs incorporate glazed central or side panels, with leading and beveled glass or colored glass. Specialist types of entry door include patio entry doors and rustic entry doors. For additional security, entry doors can incorporate concealed multi-bolt locking systems.




From the point of view of appearance, the entry is one of the most important features of a house, and it is worth giving it very careful consideration.


For a new house


When you are building a new house there is great opportunity to make a feature of the front door. Make sure that there is sufficient space inside the door for several people to stand or move around, and preferably align the door with an internal door into one of the main rooms of the house. Think too about the space needed to hang coats, and store umbrellas or other outside gear. It is no good coming through an impressive front door into a confined space. 


The next thing to consider is the size of the door. Standard single front doors range in size from 6'6" by 2'6" up to 6'6" by 2'9". We recommend going for single doors in the largest of these sizes. We would advise against pairs of doors, as they are complicated to open and lock. We would recommend, if space allows, considering fitting full-height glass panels to each side of the door. This provides welcome light into the interior, and can present an attractive look from the outside.


As to the material and style, we would recommend following closely the style of the house as a whole. For a house of contemporary design, it is appropriate to have a simple plain door. For a house of traditional design a traditional frame and panel door with four or six panels and decorative moldings around the panels will fit in well. And the door handles and other fittings should the consistent in style with the door as a whole. If in doubt, keep it simple.


Choosing a replacement door for an existing house


When you are replacing a front door in an existing house the size will be a given. Your choice lies in the construction and material of the door, the use of glazing, and the selection of door handles and other door fittings.


The main options for the construction and material are wooden plank doors, wooden panel doors, panel effect doors, and flush doors. Wooden plank doors may be ledged, ledged and braced, or framed ledged and braced. For an front door, the high quality framed ledged and braced construction will be appropriate. In all these cases the look is somewhat rustic, and is most suitable for rural properties. Wooden panel doors are the most popular and traditional type of entry door; they have an outer frame, with either four or six wooden panels. Panel effect doors imitate true wooden panel doors, but are constructed from a composite core and a molded skin (shaped to give a panel effect) of either UPVC or GRP (glass reinforced polyester). The GRP skin doors are more expensive, but give a much better appearance in color, texture (which can closely simulate wood grain) and weight. In all these cases glazed panels (which may include colored designs) are an option.


A final option, suitable for houses of contemporary design, is a simple flush door with a smooth surface on both sides; such doors usually have a composite core, with a facing of wood veneer.


In terms of style, our strong advice when replacing a door is to adopt a style which is consistent with the style, traditional or contemporary, of the house as a whole.



The leading entry door manufacturers, selected by Abacus Construction Index, which are described below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, specifications, colours and materials, and care and maintenance.


Marvin. Marvin, a family-owned company founded in 1912 and based in Warroad, Minnesota, is a leading entry door manufacturer. The company offer Low-E glass on its entire product range, and also offers a commercial-grade aluminium clad finish on all its doors. It has manufacturing facilities in Minnesota, North Dakota, Virginia, and San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Marvin offers seven ranges of door, with a wide variety of glazing options. All doors have a concealed multi-point locking system, and are available in Mahogany, Honduran Cedar, Oak, Cherry, and Walnut. For those who want something very personal, Marvin offer the Artistic range of custom doors with hand carved appliques, embossing, and engraving. These custom doors can be used to show family crests, logos, or other special designs. The Craftsman range of doors features moldings and glass inserts inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement.


Masonite. Masonite has been an entry door manufacturer for more than 80 years. It has its HQ in Tampa, Florida, and has more than 13,000 staff around the world. The section of its website dealing with entry doors is organized into the following parts: Fiberglass Doors, Steel Doors, Patio Systems, Finishing Instruction, Adjustable Steel Door Frames, Royal Mahogany Entry Systems, Specialty Glass, and Technical Specifications. The website also provides information on finding a dealer, and obtaining product literature. The Masonite website includes a 'Get Inspired' section, with a gallery of doors. These include the Barrington Sierra Series. The camber top design front door is intended to blend with Southwest, Spanish, and Mediterranean style homes. There is also a 'Create Your Door' section. This enables you to select door type, select door style, add a glass design of your choice, and then upload your home photo and see and image of your chosen new door in place. 


Therma-Tru. Therma-Tru, based in Maumee, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of fiberglass and steel entry doors. It was established in 1962, and is now part of the Fortune Brands group. Therma-Tru supplies: Fiberglass Doors, Steel Fire & Light Commercial Doors, and Light Commercial & Multi-Family Doors. Therma-Tru Fiberglass Doors are available in a range of grained wood-effect finishes, and in smooth colored finishes. The American Style Collection is designed to complement the low-pitched roofs, and large porches of Arts & Crafts, Bungalow, and Cottage style homes. The Therma-Tru website includes an online 'Door Designer' feature. This enables you to select a house type (bungalow, coastal, colonial, or country), try an door shape, customize the door, and print the design. The 'Innovation' section covers the impact rating, water infiltration testing, and thermal deflection testing of entry doors. 




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