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Fiber cement siding is made from fiber cement - a mixture of sand, cement and cellulose fibers. Because fiber cement does not have high resistance to thermal or sound transmission, separate wall insulation is advised. Fiber cement siding varies in thickness from one quarter inch to three quarters of an inch, and sheet sizes are typically up to two feet by four feet. It is available with surfaces that produce a sawn wood look, having grain and knots. When supplied in basic form, the siding needs painting on site. Alternatively it can be sealed and primed in the factory, so that only the topcoats need to be painted on site. The siding can also be supplied completely finished, with a wide range of colors having been factory painted.


The siding can be fixed to produce horizontal, vertical, or diagonal board arrangements. Appropriate soffit and trim pieces, to finish siding details, are also supplied.




Siding made from fiber cement is a very practical alternative to wood siding. By comparison with wood siding it needs very little maintenance, and it is available in a wide range of textures, patterns, and colors. It is fire resistant, and it withstands harsh weather. It can resemble cedar shingles, wood clapboards, or plain stucco. We would advise keeping the look simple with a single type, which is consistent with the period and look of the house, for all the walls.




Before fitting the siding it is advisable to coat the back of the siding with a sealing primer. This will prevent water from penetrating the back side and causing paint to peel from the front. The siding can then be fastened over wood framing using hand or air driven galvanized wood screws or nails. Alternatively self-tapping screw can be used for fitting over metal studs.


Cutting fiber cement produces a fine dust containing microscopic fibers which can be very damaging to the lungs. So it is important to wear goggles and a respirator when cutting the siding, for example with a circular saw.


Siding made from fiber cement is compatible with most other types of material. Any type of wood or wood composite can be used in conjunction with cement siding for trim and corner boards. 




CertainTeed. Certainteed, based in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, is a leading supplier of cement siding. Its fiber cement siding takes the form of panels which give the look of horizontal or vertical wood siding, or shingles. CertainTeed siding is supplied in basic form, ready to paint, pre-finished, or with stain finish. Pre-finished products are made in sixteen colors ranging from white through sand colors, to dark brown. Six varying stains colors are available for cement siding. Cetainteed also manufactures fiber cement roofing, fencing, and trim.


MaxiTile. MaxiTile, headquartered in Carson, California, is a leading supplier of fiber cement building products, including fiber cement siding. MaxiTile has been making cement board siding since 1986. Its siding products have a fifty year limited materials warranty. MaxiTile siding products include: MaxiPlank, MaxiPanel, MaxiShingle, MaxiSoffit, MaxiTrim, and MultiShake. MaxiTile advises customers to use factory primed siding planks and panels, with two topcoats being painted on site. As well as for exteriors, MaxiPanel siding can be used for kitchens and bathrooms.


James Hardie. James Hardie, based in Mission Viejo, California, is a leading manufacturer of fiber cement siding. Its HardiePlank fiber cement board lap siding is used in millions of homes across the United States. James Hardie siding has a surface with a wood grain look; it may be laid horizontally, vertically, or as shingles. James Hardie siding is available in a wide range of looks and textures, which are normally factory treated with sealer and primer. The basic siding does require painting, but as an option a ColorPlus finish can be chosen in 26 colors.


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