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Modern residential fire alarm systems are normally combined with burglar alarms. A master control unit is connected to sensors through low voltage wiring, or through narrowband radio frequency signal. Sensors include smoke, heat and fire detectors, also movement sensors (some of which are designed to ignore movement of pets), and sensors which detect the opening of a door. When triggered, the fire and burglar alarm systems will activate a horn, siren, or flashing light. Burglar alarms can be organized into zones within the house. For example, the first floor can be treated as one zone, which can be set independently from the second floor.


Fire and burglar alarms can be connected to central control stations via the telephone network. Operators at the central station check for false alarms and notify the fire or police department. 




The following fire alarm suppliers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of fire alarms, including online catalogs and specifications for fire alarms, and care and maintenance of fire alarms.


Fire Safety Store: Fire Alarms. Fire Safety Store, based in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania, is a leading onling supplier of fire safety equipment, including fire and smoke alarms. Product categories include: Combo Alarms, CO Detectors, Smoke Alarms, Wireless Products, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets, Escape Ladders, Heat Alarms, Motion Sensors, Duct Alarms, Relay Modules, Hearing Impaired Kits, Radon Detection Kits, and Mold Detection Kits. Brands for fire alarms include: Kidde, Nighthawk, Lifesaver, First Alert, BRK, Firex, and Invensys. Details are given of consumer support hotlines for each brand.


Norco Alarms: Fire Alarms. Norco Alarms, based in Riverside, California, is a leading online retailer of fire and burglar alarms. Its main product categories are: Alarm System Kits, Hardwire Alarms, Security Cameras, and Wireless Alarm Systems. Other product categories include: Motion Detectors, Glass Break & Audio Detectors, Photoelectric Detectors, Sirens Speakers & Strobes, Video Surveillance Cameras, Door & Window Contacts & Control Devices, Smoke Heat & Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Driveway Alarms, Wireless Door Chimes, Dialers & Pagers, and Hardware & Accessories for burglar alarms.



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