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Floor lamps are lamps for the home which stand on the floor and are typically about five feet high. They are available in an immense variety of styles, including classic, Tiffany, Oriental, and contemporary. They are usually made of aluminium or steel with a brass, chrome, or painted finish. They may also be made of wood or bamboo.


Apart from choice of materials and finishes, there is a wide choice of functional designs. The simplest floor lamps take the form of a single column carrying a traditional lampshade. Other floor lamps have hinged or swinging arms, so that the position and the direction of the light can be adjusted. Others are of branched design, carrying multiple lamps. Floor lamps are also available with uplighter shades, which throw the light up onto the ceiling.


Some suppliers specialise in low energy floor lamps, with the shades specially designed to accommodate low energy or light emitting diode (LED) light sources. 




The following leading floor lamp suppliers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of floor lamps, including online catalogs, designs, colors and materials for floor lamps. 


Farreys: Floor Lamps. Farreys, based in North Miami, Florida, is a leading online retailer of household products including floor lamps. Its website has six sections on floor lamps, covering: Casual Floor Lamps, Contemporary Floor Lamps, Natural Floor Lamps, Tiffany Floor Lamps, Traditional Floor Lamps, and Transitional Floor Lamps. The wide range of contemporary floor lamps includes numerous adjustable floor lamps, which allow the light to be adjusted in position and direction. The Natural range of floor lamps includes floor lamps made from rattan and bamboo.


Home Decorators Collection: Floor Lamps. Home Decorators Collection, based in Hazelwood, Missouri, is a leading online retailer of home furniture and fittings, including floor lamps. The section of its website on Floor Lamps contains more than 250 products. Designs range from the traditional to the contemporary, including numerous Tiffany floor lamps. There are large scale color images of each floor lamp, with details of alternative colors and finishes. Floor lamp designs include branching arrangements with up to five lights, and oriental-style floor lamps comprising tall boxes illuminated from within.



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