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Polyurethane Foam Roofing is a waterproof and insulating covering which can be applied to flat roofs in new and existing buildings. Provided the surfaces are properly prepared, foam roofing adheres to the roof surface, and also to the edges of the roof. This provides a seamless and fully wateproof roofing.


An important advantage of foam roofing over single ply or built up roofing is that if water penetrates the roofing it does not travel horizonatally. For example, if a hole is punched through the membrane of a foam roof, the water will penetrate only at that point - it will not spread sideways within the roof. Most such holes can be simply repaired by caulking.


Acrylic or cementitious coatings can be applied to foam roofing, to reduce heat gain, and to provide improved wear resistance.




The following leading foam roofing manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of foam roofing, including online catalogs, colors and materials for foam roofing, and care and maintenance of foam roofing.


Conklin: Foam Roofing. Conklin, based in Waterloo, Illinois, is a leading supplier of roofing including polyurethane foam roofing. Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing sytems can be applied to new and existing flat roofed buildings. The foam is applied with a spray gun that mixes two liquid components to form a rigid polyurethane foam, 2" thick. The foam roofing is able to withstand foot traffic, but is very light - about eight ounces per square foot. The completely seamless nature of the foam roofing reduces the risk of leaks. Because the foam roofing is fully adhered, the old roofing does not need to be removed.


Bay Systems: Foam Roofing. Bay Systems North America, formerly Polythane Systems and sister company Everest Coatings) has been supplying foam roofing for 30 years. It is part of the Bayer Group, headquartered in Germany. The Foam Roofing section of its website covers: Foam Roofing Overview, Foam Roofing Specifications, Foam Roofing Technical Data Sheets, Foam Roofing Material Safety Data Sheets, Code Approvals, and Foam Roofing Detail Drawings. Other sections of the website include: Videos, Foam Roofing Design Guidelines, Industry Articles, and Troubleshooting Guide.


Arizona Foam & Spray: Foam Roofing. Arizona Foam & Spray, based in Mesa, Arizona, is a leading suppleir of foam roofing. It supplies polyurethane foam roof systems with or without granules. Cementitious top coatings include acrylic white, and reflective elastomer coating with Energy Star and Cool Roof Rating Council compliant listings for energy savings. Its foam roofing systems can be applied to new and existing buildings. They are self-flashing, waterproof, and scuff-resistant to foot traffic. They resist ultra violet rays, temperature fluctuations, and wind lift conditions. 



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