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Freezers are household appliances for holding frozen food. They are available in two forms: chest and upright. Chest freezers are wider than they are high, and have a hinged top lid. Upright models are similar in appearance to refrigerators, with a hinged door at the front.


The benefits of chest type models are that they are more energy efficient, they are slightly cheaper, and they hold cold better during a power cut. They are more energy efficient is because cold air tends to sink, and thus stays in the chest even when the lid is lifted. By contrast, the cold air in an upright model will tend to fall whenever the door is opened. The benefits of upright models are that the lighted interior and shelving make it easier to see and organize the contents.




The following leading freezer manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs and specifications, and care and maintenance.


General Electric. General Electric is a leading US freezer manufacturer. Its website gives details of its chest and upright models. General Electric manufacturers 11 chest models, ranging in capacity from 24.9 cubic feet to 5 cubic feet. All are available in white finish only, and have manual de-frost. General Electric manufactures 15 upright models, ranging in capacity from 20.6 cubic feet to 5 cubic feet, all in white finish. The upright models are available with a choice of manual de-frosting or frost-free. There is a section of the website dealing with parts and accessories. 

Lowe's. Lowe's is a leading retailer of materials and equipment for home improvement. Founded in 1946, it has grown from being a small hardware store in North Carolina to becoming the second largest home improvement retailer worldwide. Its website has a section on Freezers, offering eighteen chest models from the following manufacturers: Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and Holiday. These range in capacity from 5.3 cubic feet to 24.9 cubic feet. Lowe's also offers 20 upright models, from Frigidaire, Whilpool, and Electrolux. These are available in stainless steel and white finish.


Frigidaire. Frigidaire, a division of the worldwide Electrolux electrical products Group, is a leading manufacturer of home appliances including upright and chest freezers. Its website gives illustrated information on four large chest models and three small chest models. The large chest models range in capacity from 13 cubic feet to 25 cubic feet, and are available only in white finish. Small Frigidaire chest models range in capacity from 5 cubic feet to 9 cubic feet. Frigidaire also offers nine large and five small upright models ranging in capacity from 12 cubic feet to 21 cubic feet.


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