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There are two main types of automatic garage door opener. The first, known as the trolley actuator, comprises a motorized trolley which runs along a rail fixed to the center of the ceiling of the garage. The trolley is attached to an arm attached to the door, and as the trolley moves back and forth the garage door opens and closes. The second type, is the jackshaft. This attaches to a spring shaft at the side of the door. Because it is located at the side of the door it does not take up space below the ceiling of the garage. This enables space to be left to accommodate high vehicles. In all cases it is important that the garage doors are properly counterbalanced with springs or weights, to avoid undue strain being placed on garage door openers.


The leading manufacturers of garage door openers listed below the panel of sponsored links have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of garage door openers, including types of garage door openers, technologies and controls for garage door openers, and the installation and maintenance of garage door openers.   




Liftmaster Garage Door Openers. Chamberlain, the US market leader in automatic garage door opening equipment, manufactures the Liftmaster range. One feature of the Liftmaster range is that an infra-red light beam crosses the opening of the door. If this is interrupted (for example by a child or pet) the system automatically reverses the action of the door, to avoid injury. The Liftmaster drive belt is made of molded polyurethane reinforced with steel wire; a form of construction similar to a steel reinforced tire. The Liftmaster multi-function remote control provides facilities to switch lights on within the home, as well as opening the garage door.


Marantec Garage Door Openers. Marantec garage door openers are designed n Germany and manufactured in the USA. Marantec garage door openers feature heavy duty DC motors and transformers. Their drive systems comprise steel-reinforced elastomer belts. Marantec garage door openers have an infrared safety system with inherent reversal and obstruction warning light. The wireless keyless entry system uses a 4-digit pin and can control up to three different garage doors. Marantec prides itself on the quietness of its garage door openers.


Wayne Dalton Garage Door Openers. Wayne-Dalton offers two styles of garage door openers; the traditional ceiling mount and wall mount garage door openers. By mounting the opener on the wall above your door it is possible to eliminate the belts, chains, screw drive and track that clutter a garage ceiling. That means less noise and vibration are transferred from the garage door openers to the living areas.



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