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Garage Door Springs need periodic replacement as they become worn and slack. Great care should be taken in replacing garage door springs, as the process is potentially hazardous. Garage Door Springs are available in two main types: extension and torsion. Vendors of replacement garage door springs specify the weight of door for which each model is suitable.


The leading suppliers of garage door springs, described below the panel of sponsored links, have comprehensive websites with online catalogs, specifications and prices for garage door springs.



Garage Door Parts. Garage Door Parts, of Passaic, New Jersey, is a leading online retailer of parts for garage doors, including garage door springs. It supplies four types of garage door springs: Garage Door Extension Springs, One-Piece Garage Door Springs, Custom Made Garage Door Extension Springs, and Custom Made Garage Door Torsion Springs. Garage Door Extension Springs are available as standard in 25 inch to 42 inch length, to support garage door weights from 40 lbs to 340 lbs. One-Piece Garage Door Springs are available for both Jamb Type and Track Type fixings.


US Door Control: Garage Door Springs. US Door Control is a family owned business based in Dunnellon, Citrus County, Florida. The business has been supplying garage door openers, and garage door spare parts, for more than 40 years. US Door Control supplies fifteen different types of Double Loop End Extension Garage Door Springs, five types of Clip End Extension Garage Door Springs, and Spring Containment Cable Kits. It also supplies garage door springs for Taylor Doors. Other product categories include: Garage Door Weatherseals, Garage Door Hardware, and Truck Door Hardware. 



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