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This product guide describes gas stoves for heating rooms, not gas stoves for cooking. Most room heating gas stoves are based on designs for wood burning stoves, adapted to use gas as a fuel. They provide the look of a wood burning stove, using ceramic fiber log sets and multiple flames to produce a realistic imitation of a wood log fire.


Gas stoves can be provided with direct vent systems, which avoid the need for a chimney. They can be placed against any outside wall, with a horizontal vent to the outside. They can also be placed in any position which gives direct access to the roof. Gas stoves can operate with either natural or propane gas.


Gas stoves do not give the full look and smell of a wood stove, but have great advantages in terms of convenience. 




The following leading gas stove manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of gas stoves, including online catalogs, colors and materials for gas stoves, and care and maintenance of gas stoves.


Fireplace Products International. Fireplace Products International, headquartered in Delta, British Columbia, Canada, is a leading manufacturer of stoves including gas stoves. These are supplied under the Regency, Excalibur, and Hampton brand names. Regency gas stoves have the appearance of a stand-alone wood stove, but provide the convenience of gas as the fuel supply. Regency gas stoves are available in both traditional and contemporary designs. The use of direct vent technology allows the Regency gas fire to be placed against any outside wall, without the use of a chimney.


Harman Stove Company. Harman Stove Company, based in Halifax, Pennsylvania, is a leading US manufacturer of stoves including gas stoves. It supplies stoves designed to burn pellets, wood, coal, gas, and corn. Harman gas stoves are designed to produce a realistic wood fire effect. The gas stove has five individual flames and a soft, red 'glow cave' in the center. The control panel is located at the front for easy access. A triple burner module allows you to adjust back, front or center flame pattern. The entire burner package is removable for servicing or for switching from natural gas to propane.


Jotul. Jotul, and international company headquartered in Norway, is a leading supplier of wood and gas stoves. It has been manufacturing stoves based on traditional Norwegian designs since 1853. The smallest Jotul gas stove is suited to bedrooms and bathrooms. The ceramic fiber log set provides a realistic imitation of a real log fire. A control allows 50% heat reduction. No electricity is required to operate the unit. It is available in black and Ivory porcelain enamel. The larger Jotul gas stoves provide the option of opening the double glazed front doors, for open viewing of the flames.



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