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A geodesic dome is a structure in the form of a whole or part sphere, whose ribs form 'great circles' around the surface of the globe. This produces a very light structure, which distributes stress evenly across the network of ribs.


The name geodesic is attributable to R.Buckminster Fuller, the American inventor who developed geodesic domes in the late 1940s at Black Mountain College. The first known dome of this type was, however, constructed thirty years earlier on the roof of the Zeiss plant in Jena, Germany. Designed by Walther Bauersfeld, chief engineer of the Carl Zeiss optical company, it was designed for a planetarium.


Geodesic domes are supplied today for a wide variety of applications. These include geodesic domes for events, for shelters, for playgrounds, and for private houses. They also have industrial and military applications, for example to house radar systems.




Pacific Domes: Geodesic Domes. Pacific Domes, based in Ashland, Oregon, says that its vision is to populate the world with domes. It aims to help solve the shelter needs of humanity as well as creating clobal harmonic resonance. It argues that the synergetic geometry of a geodesic dome generates cosmic order wherever the dome is erected, creating peace and well being. It quotes Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of the geodesic dome, as saying 'The more for whom we strive to serve, the greater effectiveness we will have'. The company's website covers Event Geodesic Domes, Shelter Geodesic Domes, Greenhouse Geodesic Domes, and Playground Geodesic Domes.

Timberline Geodesic Domes. Timberline Geodesic Domes has been making geodesic dome houses since 1975. Its geodesic dome homes are provided as pre-cut, pre-drilled sections of color coded lumber. An easy to follow illustrated Assembly Manual is included. Timberline geodesic dome homes offer good energy efficiency. This is partly because geodesic dome homes use thirty percent less surface area to enclose the volume enclosed by a box-like structure. Also cold air blows around the curved surface of the home, instead of penetrating the house directly. Timberline geodesic dome homes have been built in each state of the USA.



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