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A type of geothermal heating has been in use since Roman times; this involved the use of pockets of hot water and steam that exist near the Earth's surface. However the term geothermal heating is generally used today to describe heating systems which use geothermal heat pumps. These can be used anywhere, and do not rely on any hot water or steam being near the Earth's surface.


Geothermal heating systems normally consist of three parts: a buried network of pipes, which act as the means of heat exchange with the ground, through which refrigerant liquid is pumped; a controllable pump which forces the refrigerant through the system; and an air handler which conditions the air before it enters the house.


Geothermal heating systems can be used to warm the building in winter and cool it in summer. Savings in energy consumption of up to 70% are claimed by manufacturers, compared to traditional heating and cooling systems. 




The following leading geothermal heating manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of geothermal heating, including online catalogs, designs and techniques for geothermal heating, and care and maintenance of geothermal heating systems.


Water Furnace: Geothermal Heating. Water Furnace, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a leading manufacturer of geothermal heating systems for residential and commercial applications. Water Furnace geothermal heating systems aim to save users up to 70% of their heating, cooling, and hot water costs. Water Furnace supplies three types of geothermal heating system: All-in-One Systems, Split Geothermal Systems, and Hydronic Geothermal Systems. All-in-One geothermal heating systems provide heating in winter and cooling in summer. They replace the traditional indoor furnace and outdoor air conditioning systems.


Climate Master: Geothermal Heating. Climate Master, headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a leading manufacturer of geothermal heating systems using water source heat pumps. Climate Master produces more than 50,000 units a year from its 387,000 square foot production facility. All sheet metal components are made in the Climate Master factory, using computerized cutting, punching, and forming equipment. The precise fabrication makes for tighter fit and reduced noise in operation. Climate Master offers all-in-one, split, and water-to-water systems for hydronic applications such as radiant floors.


ECR Industries: Geothermal Heating. ECR Industries, based in Reading Pennsylvania, is a manufacturer of geothermal heating systems, specialising in direct exchange ground source techniques. Its current generation of products has been on the market since 2000; they have been sold throughout the mid-Atlantic region of the USA, from Maine to South Carolina. ECR Industries geothermal heating systems comprise three main elements: the earth taps which serve as the direct source of heat exchange with the ground; the compressor unit which regulates the flow of refrigerant through the system, and the air handler where the air sent into the house is conditioned. The refrigerant heat exchange fluid undergoes a phase change underground.



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