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Glass Doors are available for interior and exterior use. The most common type of interior glass door is the shower door. This may be framed or frameless, and is available in a wide range of shapes, and glass textures. Glass doors, hinged or sliding, may also be used as internal doors within homes and offices. External glass doors include folding doors, which draw back in concertina fashion. These provide the opportunity to open up the whole side of a room to the outdoors.


The leading manufacturers, described below the panel of sponsored links, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, specifications, materials and finishes.




Artistcraft. Artistcraft, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has been manufacturing a range of frameless glass shower doors for 15 years. Its website covers: Shower Doors & Enclosures, Shower Bases & Walls, Bathtub Enclosures, Glass & Sandblasted Designs, Steam Showers, Hinges Handles & Hardware, Bathroom Accessories, Installation Tools, Sealants Tapes & Wall Anchors, and Cleaning Materials. Artiscraft Shower Stalls are shipped with: Safety Glass Panels, Non-rust Hinge Components, Mildew Resistant Silicone, Fastening Clips or U Channel, and Vinyl Seals & Adjustment Shims.


Avanti Systems. Avanti Systems, based in Port Chester, New York, is a specialist supplier of glass partitions and doors. These are suitable for use in homes, offices, showrooms, and as partitions in office areas. Its product range includes: Solare Single Glazed Glass Walls, Solare Double Glazed Glass Walls, Solar Lengo, Eclipse Glass Sliding Doors, Elite Curved Glass Walls, Elite Rectangle Glass Walls, and LCD Glass Walls. LCD Glass Walls change in appearance from clear to white opaque with the application of electric current.


NanaWall Systems. NanaWall Systems, based in Mill Valley, California, makes glass folding doors, referred to as Opening Glass Walls. The NanaWall website contains the following main product sections: Glazed Folding Systems, Glazed Individual Panel Systems, Screen Accessories, Matching French Doors, Tilt Systems, and All Glass Window Walls. NanaWall glass folding doors are supplied in three materials: wood, aluminium clad wood, and aluminium. The aluminium system can be supplied in a Hurricane version approved by Dade County.


Sculptural Glass Doors. Sculptural Glass Doors, based in Bellingham, Washington, USA, is a collaboration between three companies which produces a unique type of double-skinned decorative glass door. The array of curved forms within the glass produces a striking visual effect, increased strength, and improved thermal and sound insulation. The company was initiated by Bill McColl, whose McColl Studio developed the ClearCast glass technique, and designs and forms all the sculptural doors. Garibaldi Glass Industries Inc tempers the ClearCast glass and hand fabricates each doorlite into a tempered, insulated unit at their plant in Burnaby, British Columbia. NorthStar Woodworks is a specialist producer of crafted millwork; they assemble the ClearCast glass design into hand crafted wooden doors.  


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