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Green roofs, sometimes known as living roofs, have been used for many years and on a wide scale in Europe, particularly in Germany. They are now increasingly used in the USA. The main advantages of green roofs are that the extend the life of a roofing membrane, by reducing extremes of temperature and exposure to ultra violet light, and reduce energy loss by providing improved insulation. They are also look good and can provide wildlife habitat.


All green roofs must be applied above a waterproof membrane. They are suitable for flat roofs and for those with shallow slope. There are two main types of green roof: extensive and intensive. Extensive green roofs are relatively shallow and light in weight. They typically add around 25 pounds per square foot additional weight loading on the roof. They are suitable for shall plants such as Sedum. Intensive green roofs are deeper and heavier, and are designed to accommodate a much wider range of plants and shrubs. They are able to give a garden-like appearance to a roof. 




The following leading green roof suppliers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of green roofs, including online catalogs, types of plant for green roofs, and care and maintenance of green roofs.


Emery Knoll Farms: Green Roofs. Emery Knoll Farms, is based in northern Harford County, Maryland. It is a leading supplier of green roof plants for extensive systems. It stocks over 100 types of green roof plants, and has a continuing program for testing new green roof plants. It also supports green roof research at several universities. Emery Knoll Farms operates sustainable policies, with solar power being used to pump all the water used in greenhouses, and most electricity being supplied by photovoltaic panels. Green roof plants can be supplied as plugs, cuttings, or seeds.


Tecta America Corp: Green Roofs. Tecta America Corp, based in Skokie, Illinois, is a leading US roofing contractor. It is a specialist in green roofs, supplying intensive and extensive systems for flat green roofs and green roofs with a slope. Extensive green roofs are implemented for environmental and economic reasons. They are relatively lightweight, adding weight of between 16 pounds and 35 pounds per square foot. Intensive green roofs are deeper and heavier and can accommodate a wider variety of plants. The most common type of plant supplied by Tecta for green roofs is Sedum.


Apex: Green Roofs. Apex Green Roofs, based in Somerville, Massachusetts, describes itself as specializing in the emerging vegetative roof industry. The Apex website covers sections explaining the various benefits of green roofs: saving energy; absorbing storm water; reducing heat island effect; improving air quality; extending service life of the roof; increasing property values; and 

creating wildlife habitats. The Apex website contains case studies illustrating and describing a wide variety of green roof projects for private homes, schools, colleges, and office buildings.



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