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Gutter guards are designed to prevent the build up of leaves and other debris in gutters. This reduces the risk of blocked gutters, which can lead to water damage to the house or its foundations.


Simple gutter guards consist of a mesh screen which is clipped over the gutter. These simple gutter guards are available in steel, copper, aluminum and vinyl. Their weakness is that leaves can build up on the surface of the gutter guard.


Advanced gutter guards have a solid horizontal surface which fits over the gutter. The rain water flows over this surface and then back into the gutter either through a narrow slot, or through a set of louvers. The leaves and other debris continue around the nose of the gutter guard and fall to the ground. Advanced gutter guards are claimed to shed over 90% of the leaves falling on the roof.  




The following leading gutter guard manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of gutter guards, including online catalogs, colors and materials for gutter guards, and care and maintenance of gutter guards.


Easy Flow Gutter Guards. Easy Flow Gutter Guards Inc. is based in Bedford, Oregon. Its gutter guards can be attached to existing 5 or 6 inch gutter systems. These are the continuous aluminum guttering system that is most often used in the USA. The gutter guards attach under the flashing on the fascia boards, protecting the fascia from all contact with rain. The rain water clings to the aluminum top surface of the gutter guard, then flows over the gutter guard and back into the gutter. Leaves and other debris falls off the edge of the gutter. 


Waterloov: Gutter Guards. Waterloov, based in Neptune, New Jersey, is a manufacturer of gutter guards. Their gutter guards have a louvred design on the vertical face of the gutter guard. This enables the water to run back into the gutter, while leaves are carried off the front face of the gutter guard to the ground. Waterloov gutter guards are available in twelve standard colors, from white and gloss white through cream and ivory to dark colors including bronze and black. Custom colors are also available, including Brandywine Red, Grecian Green, Heritage Blue, and Wicker.


eGutter: Gutter Guards. eGutter is an online retailer of guttering and gutter accessories including gutter guards. It offers two main ranges of gutter guards: mesh screens and advanced gutter guards. Mesh screens are available in aluminum, copper, steel and premium vinyl. Mesh screen roof gutters are available in three or four foot section, so five 5 inch and 6 inch K Style gutters. A hinged gutter guard is also available for half round gutters. Advanced gutter guards include the Leaf Pro XL. This features a two-tier panel with a nose forward design to shed the leaves.



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