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There are three main categories of hand tools: tools for working wood, tools for working metal, and automotive tools. Hand tools for working wood include chisels, planes, scrapers, and drills. Similar tools are available, specifically designed for working with metal. Popular automotive hand tools include sets of socket spanners. 


In addition to these more common types of tool, there is a huge range of specialty tools. These include Nut & Screw Starters, Plumb Bobs, Tweezers, and Retrieval Tools. Retrieval tools are designed to retrieve small objects from inaccessible places. They include: Mechanical Pickups, Fixed-Length Magnet Pickups, Flexible Shaft Magnetic Pickups, Telescoping Alligator Clips, Telescoping Magnetic Pickups, and Retrieval Sets.




The following leading hand tool manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs and specifications.


General Tools & Instruments. This company was founded in New York City in 1922. It is a leading hand tool manufacturer. Its website is organized into the following sections: Plumbing Tools, Woodworking Tools, Machinist Tools, Measuring Tools, Screwdrivers, Specialty Tools, and Apparel. Specialty Tools include: Cutting Tools, Files, Grommets & Fasteners, Hooks & Probes, Inspection Tools, Magnifiers, Magnets, Nut & Screw Starters, Pliers, Plumb Bobs, Punches, Retrieval Tools, Tweezers, and Vises.


Stanley. The Stanley Works, originally a door hardware and bolt maker based in New Britian, Connecticut, was founded in 1843. It has grown to become a leading manufacturer of tools of all kinds. Its product categories are: Measuring Tools, Finishing Tools, Strking & Struck Tools, Layout Tools, Fastening Tools, Storage, Cutting Tools, Laser Tools & Stud Sensors, Automotive Tools, Clamps & Vises, Tool Sets, Flashlights, and Emergency Response Solutions. The Striking & Struck Tools include: Cold Chisels, Wood Chisels, Framing Hammers, Nail Hammers, and Punches.


SK. SK, based in McCook, Illinois, is a leading hand tool manufacturer. It specialises in wrenches and sockets, including tools specifically designed for automotive use. Its product range includes: Bit Sockets, Chrome Sockets, Drive Tools, Display Boards, Hammers, Master Set,s Pliers, PryBars, Punches & Chisels, Scrapers & Files, Screwdrivers, Storage, and Torque Wrenches. The SK website includes a Dealer Locator section, which enables search for dealers by Region or by Zip Code. There is a separate section of the website dealing with industrial tools.


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