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Hardwood floors are available in two main types: solid hardwood floors, and engineered hardwood floors. Solid hardwood floors are made from planks of solid hardwood, which may be narrow or wide. Engineered hardwood floors are made from thin layers of hardwood glued to a composite base. Solid hardwood floors give a more natural and traditional appearance. The main advantage of engineered hardwood floors is that they are more dimensionally stable, with very little movement arising from variations in moisture and temperature. This avoids potential problems of floors lifting due to swelling of the timber.


The leading hardwood flooring manufacturers listed below the panel of sponsored links have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of hardwood floors, including online catalogs of hardwood floors, colours and finishes for hardwood floors, and installation, care and maintenance of hardwood floors.




Anderson Hardwood & Wood Floors. Anderson is a leading manufacturer of engineered hardwood and wood floors and flooring. The Anderson website contains sections on flooring, find a dealer, customer support, and installation and care. There is also an Image Builder Design Center. With the IBDC you can choose from many room types and view our flooring products as they would appear in the room and even change room color schemes and floor layouts.


Bruce Hardwood & Wood Floors. Bruce Flooring is part of the Armstrong group. It manufacturers solid hardwood floors and engineered wood floors. The Bruce Flooring website contains sections on products, installation, care and maintenance of hardwood floors, and customer support. There is a database of dealers, and a Room Design Center. Bruce hardwood and wood floors are available in ash, basswood, birch, cherry, hickory, maple, oak and pecan.


Homerwood Hardwood & Wood Floors. Homerwood is a leading manufacturer of hardwood flooring. The Homerwood website has sections on Character Grade Flooring, Amish Handscraped Flooring, and About Hardwood Flooring. There is a database of dealers, through whom hardwood flooring prices can be obtained. Homerwood hardwood and wood floors are available in oak, cherry, hickory, maple, and black walnut.



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