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Heated toilet seats are intended to provide a more comfortable experience than normal toilet seats. They normally a low-voltage heating element, using less than 15 watts of electricity. This avoids the safety risk of bringing mains electricity to the toilet seat. Some have a choice of temperature settings.


Heated toilet seats may also incorporate other high technology features. These include slow-closing seat hinges, electric venting fans, and fragrance devices. The most sophisticated also include bidet-like washing features.


The leading suppliers of heated toilet seats, described below the panel of sponsored links, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of heated toilet seats, including online catalogs, colours and materials for heated toilet seats, and care and maintenance of heated toilet seats.




Brondell, based in San Francisco, California, is a leading manufacturer of de-odorizing and heated toilet seats. Its Breeza toilet seat incorporates an exhaust fan, and a four stage de-odorizing system. A fragrance vent is infused with natural essential oils, adding a light scent to the purified air. The Breeza Warm adds to these features a heated toilet seat with three temperature settings and a powersave feature. The Breeza seat and lid incorporate microbial elements that help to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, keeping the toilet seat cleaner longer. The lid has a gentle-close hinge.


Kohler USA is a leading manufacturer of bathroom products. Its range includes a heated toilet seat known as the Heated French Curve. This uses 13 watts of electricity to keep the surface of the toilet seat warm at all times, raising it to 25 degrees Fahrenheit above average room temperature. There is a cut-out to ensure that the temperature does not rise above 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The Cachet feature slowly closes the toilet seat with a gentle touch, eliminating noisy seat slamming. The Peacekeeper feature is an automatic flushing system which is activated when the lid is closed.


Ultra Touch, of Paso Robles, California, supplies a range of antimicrobial toilet seats with a soft elastomer surface. An electrically heated version is available. This contains a molded-in 12 volt thermal circuit element which heats the toilet seat to a temperature of 20 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit above room temperature. The system uses only 12 watts of electricity. A twelve foot cord is provided. The cord is thin and can be safely extended to hard-to-reach outlets, using extension sections. The toilet seat can be cleaned with common household cleaners, and can be safely put in the dishwasher.



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