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Home siding is available in a wide range of natural and synthetic materials. It forms the outside cladding for timber framed houses, although home siding may also be applied to homes having walls made of solid materials such as brick or concrete blocks. Historically, the only type of home siding was wood, with cedar being the most popular type. However, a wide variety of materials can now be used for home siding, including vinyl, aluminum, steel, and fiber cement. These types of home siding have some advantages in terms of durability and low maintenance, but they do not give the authentic look and feel of traditional wood home siding.


Home siding can be applied vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. It can also take the form of shingles rather than boards. Various profiles are available for home siding boards, including simple overlapping clapboard, and 'board and batten'. Board and batten uses wide vertical boards, with narrow boards applied over the joints.




Gentek: aluminum house siding. Gentek is based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. It is a leading manufacturer of exterior building products, including a wide range of aluminum house siding and vinyl house siding. Its aluminum house siding is available in smooth and wood grain look finishes. Thicknesses vary from 0.40 inches to 0.53 inches. It provides a 40 year limited warranty. Gentek aluminum house siding is available in the following profiles: Cove, Clapboard, Vertical Board & Batten, and Vertical V, all simulating equivalent wood siding profiles.

Boston Cedar: cedar house siding. Boston Cedar, which is headquartered in Holbrook, Massachusetts, has been supplying cedar house siding and other lumber products since 1985. Its Bevel in a Box cedar house siding product is engineered from clear vertical grain Western Red Cedar. It features precision fitted finger jointings, which are more weather resistant and stronger than the surrounding wood. The Boston Cedar Bevel in a Box cedar house siding is factory primed on all six sides. Boston Cedar also supplies traditional clapboard cedar house siding. Sizes are 1/2 inch by 6 inch, in 16 foot lengths.


CertainTeed: fiber cement house siding. Certainteed, headquartered in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, is a leading manufafturer of fiber cement house siding. Its fiber cement siding takes the form of panels which give the appearance of horizontal or vertical wood siding, or shingles. CertainTeed fiber cement house siding is supplied in basic form, ready to paint, pre-finished, or with stain finish. Pre-finished products are made in 16 colors from white through mid sand colors, to dark brown. Six stain colors are available for cement siding. Cetainteed also manufactures a range of roofing, fencing, and trim.



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