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Home wind power systems are now available for fitting either to towers (which may be up to 120 feet high) or to rooftops. They are of three types: grid connected, battery charging, and water pumping.


It is important to choose a suitable site for a home wind power turbine. A good wind level would be a yearly average of 12 mph. This can be measured with a totalizing anemometer, which has to be installed in the same position and at the same height as the proposed turbine. Wind maps are also available, and can give useful guidance.


Whereas most home wind power turbines are mounted on masts or towers, they can also be fitted to rooftops. However it is desirable to select a system specially designed for rooftops; such systems are designed to minimise noise and vibration through the use of damped mounting brackets. 




The following leading home wind power system manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of home wind power systems, including online catalogs, designs and materials for home wind power systems, and care and maintenance of home wind power systems.


Bergey Windpower. Bergey Windpower, based in Norman, Oklahoma, is a leading supplier of small wind turbines for home wind power systems. It has been in business selling wind turbines for thirty years, has installations in all 50 US states, and sell internationally through a network of 500 dealers. Its website gives details of three types of small wind turbine: Grid Connected Home Wind Power, Battery Charging Home Wind Power, and Water Pumping Home Wind Power. Other sections of the website cover: Towers (up to 120 feet high); Battery Strings; Miscellaneous Electrical Equipment, and Submersible Water Pumps.


Windstream Power: Home Wind Power Systems. Windstream Power, based in Ferrisburg, Vermont, is a supplier of renewable energy systems including home wind power systems. The Skystream is a new generation residential wind power system that ties directly into the electricity grid. It has controls and inverter built in, and is desiged to operate in low winds, of at least 8 mph. It is intended for use by homes and small businesses. The AIR series of home wind power systems has a turbine diameter of 46 inches. It is appropriate for small battery charging applications, and is fitted with microprocessor regulation. The larger Whisper series has turbine diameters from 7 to 15 feet. Windstream Power also supplies a human generator for battery charging. It is similar to an exercise bicycle, and is operated by pedalling.


Swift Wind Turbines. Swift, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, specialises in supplying rooftop home wind power systems. The turbine is specifically designed to have low vibration and simple installation. It is also designed to be visually appealing. The Swift mounting brackets incorporate a damping system, design to absorb a wide range of vibration frequencies. The five bladed design allows a slower speed of rotation, which also reduces noise. The Swift home wind power system is designed to be grid connected, using first the electricity generated by the turbine, and taking supplementary power from the grid as required.



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